World Worst Drivers on Cars 2018

World Worst Drivers on Cars 2018
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World Worst Drivers on Cars 2018 #801- Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. There is never an excuse for rear-ending. The guy behind is ALWAYS at fault – you should always drive so that you can stop in time if something happens ahead of you.

  2. The Russian drivers may be crazy, with the occasional bad drivers, but the ones from China are crazy, bad, and also super stupid. In addition the ones in Russia you always see people stop to help, in China nope, everyone just pretends nothing happened, what a bunch of cowards.

  3. 2:58 – I hope he died. Or at least broke his neck.
    4:45 – No doubt most viewers are as stupid and colour blind as the driver, and will blame the cyclist.
    5:55 – I know that small cars have a small turning radius, but that's ridiculous.

  4. 0:20 – Your reward for paying attention and not assuming everyone will disappear: you're not involved in the accident.
    1:30 – NEVER swerve. If the asshole "brake tests" you, you can argue dangerous driving. Then again, NEVER tailgate.
    2:00 – Idiot. You couldn't wait three seconds until the black car was fully in the other lane?

  5. @2:24 why did the left driver just keep on driving? Of course the green car was at fault for the weird place on the road but the left car did nothing to prevent a collision. Imho you must be brainless to not brake as it gives you nothing but hassle, you only get your car fixed and for what?
    "Because he was in the wrong".
    Wow. Congratulations for being right then, I suppose…

  6. Are these drivers surfing ON their cars… or maybe sleeping ON their cars?
    Proper ENGLISH would have them driving IN their cars or trucks and riding ON their motorcycles.

    Lesson over. Best of luck with your English in the future!

    Best Wishes,

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