What Happens After You Rescue A Dog | The Dodo Soulmates

What Happens After You Rescue A Dog | The Dodo Soulmates
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What Happens After You Rescue A Dog | What really happens when you rescue a dog 💖💖💖

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  1. Been rescued a puppy from the street about a month ago. From a smelly dirty boy with bad skin conditions to a very naughty but loyal boy… Once you are fostering or adopt stray animal, for the rest they will be loyal to you.

  2. Dogs are unconditional love wrapped up in every color fur and size and once you've felt it you're better because of it. Rescuers and rescues rock. 🐾🐾👣

  3. No no I'm fine. Oh look at this …this looks nice. Oh no it was suggested cause I needed a good cry. Thanks universe for useing youtube as a vehicle .

  4. I adopt rescues and give them love until they go to the rainbow bridge and each time a piece of my heart leaves with them but in Honor of their lives, I continue to adopt rescues. Dogs are the best thing that happened to the human race. They deserve our love, devotion and protection. That is my promise to each dog I adopt.

  5. I had 5dogs in my life till this day I think God's greatest gift to people dogs r a true miracle thank you Lord🐩✝️

  6. I luv this video! I have 3 Rescue Doggies and honestly! They rescued me….. they gave me unconditional love and each one has their own goofy attitude. They are my BABIES!!! I also have 4 rescue cats who I luv sooooo much!!! They all get along. Animals are such BLESSINGS!!

  7. reminds me so much of my cat i got him at 2 and half months old and when he got to his forever home he was so happy he slept with us he purred cuddled and demanding us what i can say about him i didnt choose him he want me

  8. If all pet animals were spayed and neutered there would be no more euthanasia there wouldn't be overcrowded animal shelters.
    What a happy day that would be!!!!

  9. After you adopt it you tell it how much you love it and you give it lots cuddles and nice food , lots love and a walk , and more love , it deserves all the love you give it and more .

  10. I would like to share my faith with you…..
    Jesus died for your sins (breaking the ten commandments), so we wouldn't need to go to everlasting hell fire. For being a part of god's family and go to heaven. You have to confess your sins and believe that Jesus died for your sins and is the son of God. He rose after 3 days and was seen and now he is in heaven.then finally live a life according to the Bible. God bless.🙏

  11. My heart feel like bursting tears of joy but I just apply some mascara and it all ruined because of this chopping onion video show. But im in the office and girl next to me really dont understand whats going on. 😂
    *thats happend when you rewatch marathon The dodo video at office hour

  12. I thought i was giving you a home, but in truth i was the one saved.
    Oh do true. I don't have a dog, i hve 2 cats, and this thought always come to my mind. They are the ones who are doing us a favour. They are restoring our souls 💕💕💕💕

  13. God Bless You All. It is so great to watch you guys with your animals. I watch most every day and cry watching these precious animals being tortued or abandoned. Thank you, thank you

  14. Love all this – BUT PLEASE stop putting knitted jumpers etc on dogs, more so small dogs. If they fall in water the garment soaks up water and drags them under.

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