Talking Dog's Unique Barks Helps Him Get Adopted – DENNIS | The Dodo

Talking Dog's Unique Barks Helps Him Get Adopted - DENNIS | The Dodo
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Talking Dog’s Unique Barks Helps Him Get Adopted | When this guy heard a dog barking like a seal at the shelter, he knew he had to adopt him. You can keep up with Dennis and all of his beach adventures on Instagram, a.daily.dose.of.dennis:

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  1. I Love him! of course our animals speak, one of my cats has 15 different sounds she makes for different things, Pets are people too! <3

  2. You just spent how many years with everything all about you? And YOU have now diagnosed that YOU are no longer your old SELF? Hmm my bs detector is ringing.

  3. I had a dog that used to talk a lot, he always had something to say about everything. One time I had to leave him in a kennel because I was having surgery. When I picked him up after 10 days he seriously scolded me the entire 20 minute ride home; my friend who drove me, was laughing because it was so funny how much he was yelling at me. I am so glad you found each other and have learned how to communicate with each other. I’m sure when he starts talking, you know exactly what he’s saying! I am so glad that the other family allowed you to keep him, because you two are soulmates!!! Enjoy your forever life together!

  4. That was really a wonderful story!! I am so glad you two found each other! I have a rather large Pit Bull, and he talks to me all the time! I do have 6 dogs in all, and i wouldn't trade any of them for anything!! I hope you two live a very long and happy life together!!

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