Street Food in Sri Lanka – ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR – Egg Hoppers + Kottu Roti in Colombo, Sri Lanka!

Street Food in Sri Lanka - ULTIMATE FOOD TOUR - Egg Hoppers + Kottu Roti in Colombo, Sri Lanka!
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COLOMBO, SRI LANKA – We went on an ultimate Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo, starting from the outskirts of the city and working our way into the market, and all the way to the Galle Face coast. Colombo is a fantastic city, vibrant, and calm and relaxing all the at the same time, and an array of delicious food.

Breakfast roti – We started in the morning for a classic Sri Lankan food breakfast, roti, stuffed with egg, chopped up and topped with curry sauce and dall. It was delicious, especially followed with ginger tea. Total price – 200 LKR ($1.12)

Milano Hotel (Restaurant) – For lunch, Ruzaina and I went to eat at one of her favorite Sri Lankan local restaurants serving a mix of rice and curry. Highly recommended. Total price – 760 LKR ($4.24)

New Paris Hotel – One of my favorite Sri Lankan foods is hoppers, and more specifically egg hoppers – a combinations of rice flour batter and coconut milk, fried in a rounded skillet and topped with an egg. Egg hoppers – 40 LKR ($0.22) each

Pettah – We continued this Sri Lankan street food tour to Pettah, a busy business district of Colombo. We met up with Abram: to do some more eating.

Fruit – 100 LKR ($0.56) – First we stopped to eat some pickled and candied fruit. I especially liked the black pepper rub on some of the fruit like the pineapple.

Bombay Sweetmeat Mart – One of the popular local Sri Lankan things to eat in Pettah is faluda and samosas. Pretty good, but I’m not huge on faluda. Total price – 320 LKR ($1.79)

Intestines and chicken necks – 390 LKR ($2.18) – Next we stopped to eat intestines and tripe, and chicken necks. All of it was pretty tasty, my kind of snack.

Brains – 660 LKR ($3.68) – Next up on this Sri Lankan street food tour, we had a huge bite of brains, all of us.

Galle Face – Finally, to end this Sri Lankan food tour, we headed to the most iconic area of Colombo – Galle Face. In the evening you’ll find food vendors setting up, selling snacks and quick meals. Isso Vadai – 200 LKR ($1.12) – are fried little fritters of shrimp and crab, and it’s something you’ve got to try. I ended with special kottu roti – 600 LKR ($3.35).

It was a great time of eating Sri Lankan food. Special thank you to Ruzaina for taking me around:

Thank you for watching this Sri Lankan food video! You can watch the entire Sri Lanka food and travel series here:


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  1. So Yummy foods!
    Plz visit bangladesh for more different different types of foods available here! Hope you enjoy much more n experience with delicious recipes locally in our place!
    Love from Bangladesh!


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  4. Mark,sorry to say ur guide is not genuine. What a pathetic srilankan tour.we r not a Muslim country we dont eat cow stomach like this.only muslims eat like this.its a shame. Pls next time get a gud guide. All ur videos were really vain.
    Why didn't u find somebody who will show u not only muslim shops n their food , but who respect our culture n show what srilanka is truly about ….

  5. Really like your vlogs I watched them all. But foods that you have selected in SL were little biased, to a segment of community, may be due to motive of your guide/s. Next time try this alone without a handler/ guide (you could have enjoyed more). But Could say that you have covered around 50% of the selection. Thumbs up.

  6. It's a fact mark … Some PPL take our name and doing terror and we BCM terrorist…
    But the fact is we are against terrorism in first raw …

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