Rescued Goats Form SWEETEST Family | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E04

Rescued Goats Form SWEETEST Family | The Dodo: Comeback Kids S01E04
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These goats all had very rough starts to life. But, thanks to their rescuers, they’re all making serious comebacks – and they’ve even bonded into their own little family ❤️ Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, a vet is helping the newest baby goat try out her wheelchair for the first time. For more of their amazing rescue stories, you can check out Puget Sound Goat Rescue on Facebook: and Instagram:

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  1. "some are a little more mischievous than others"
    woman; proceeds to point at baby goat beside her

    a few minutes later;

    that baby goat; proceeds to eat woman's microphone

    me; yes
    ~ ~
    / l

  2. nubz and nubby are kind of cruel names its like you wouldn't name a brain dead kid retardy or a blind kid you cant see-y

  3. Whenever I see goats, I recall how my old "cousin", (third degree? No! I don't think so, farther than that) beat his goats almost to death when he chased them and was able to get hold of them. I was so young then, grade 1 I think. I think there were 3-5 goats who were able to get loose. He chased them and when he was able to finally get into them, he beat the goats so hard. I was so shocked. I couldn't move. THANK God! He's been dead for years now. I hate myself I couldn't do anything to save the goats. I can still hear the goats crying for help.

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