BEST FAILS OF THE WEEK 3 AUGUST || Fail compilation by 8Fails

BEST FAILS OF THE WEEK 3 AUGUST || Fail compilation by 8Fails
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Best Fails of the week! Check them out while they are still fresh 😀

8Fails is a channel based on viewer’s funny videos. We collect/release various types of compilations and montages every week. We love to see people happy, and that is what we are going to do; make you laugh.


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Our purpose, when making this kind of compilations, is NOT to steal other people’s videos, but to make quality compilations and share these with our viewers.
Premium 2nd: Boy tries to make a backflip at the beach:
Kevin Estrada: Two guys with exercise balls hit each other:
SuperTUBE -: Boy puts fireworks in his mouth:
KING R: Kid falls off his bike (POV):
99kevi; Cat scares itself:
Hot Shots: Ball hits neighbor’s window:
RokeRodriguez: Boy hits his mate with an exercise ball:
Xorge Studioz: Egg explodes in the microwave:
Popular Outkast; Pole dancing fail:
Diogo Ferreira; Biker places his legs on the front wheel and falls:
Mishal Maganlal; Cat tries to catch a butterfly:
SD7 TUBE; Boy slips on ice:
The Will and Grace show; Boy slips on ice and loses his donut:
Eric Dillon films:Boy tries to make a frontflip:
RDFlipp3rs; Trampoline boy jumps in the sea:
Life of wild 1987 : Dog does not care about owner:
Swift Simmer; Cat falls off the shelf:
Jackson:Scooter boy falls on the ground:
MetalMecha 2: Boy falls off a skateboard (POV):
Sunkenmetal: Fisherman falls off his boat and wrecks GoPro:
Ivaylo dimitrov: Dancing girl falls on the floor:
Homebody Vloggers: Dog falls while running:
Simon K: Kayak launch fail:
Drivo: Kid falls off the roof:
Airddicted: Paragliding parachute collapses:
BIG-GUNZ11: Fireworks explode on the ground:
Willza Griffin: Boy tries to jump on a pool floater:
JdvdC’s Skiing fails :
Viner King: Boy falls off his bike indoors:
The Southern Slayer: Boy hits the trampoline’s edge:
Thomas TIERNAN: Boy falls off his skateboard:
Jase Brumfield: Tries to make a trick but hits the ground:


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