"Aggressive" Pit Bull Becomes The Biggest Love Bug | The Dodo

"Aggressive" Pit Bull Becomes The Biggest Love Bug | The Dodo
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“Aggressive” Pit Bull Becomes The Biggest Love Bug | Watch this “aggressive” pit bull turn into the sweetest lap dog in just a few days!

To sponsor Diesel’s ongoing care while he completes his training, you can support New York Bully Crew: http://thedo.do/nybc. Follow them on Facebook for updates on his journey: https://www.facebook.com/newyorkbullycrew/.

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  1. I admire their effort an devotion, but NO.
    One day, in most unexpected time, every pitbull will snap and maul or kill somebody.
    Pitbull is perfect as guarding premise's soldier or dog-fighting warrior, but NEVER do a grave, fatal mistake considering them as a loving pet.

  2. These guys are great. They proved there is nothing wrong with these dogs if owners would treat them with kindness. Bad owners are the cause of aggressive animals by mistreating them. Humans would act the same way if all they received was pain from someone.

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