ᴴᴰ Death of a Tank on GoPro ✞T-72 destroyed – OnBoards Syria ♦ subtitles ♦

ᴴᴰ Death of a Tank on GoPro ✞T-72 destroyed - OnBoards Syria ♦ subtitles ♦
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Damascus ○ The GoPro footage from a Mission to open grounds in Daraya that got one government Tank destroyed Filmed by FSA & Tanks. + Subtitles .. Enable annotation to see RPG’s location
Armoured group dropping troops to storm a group of buildings. But later the FSA couter- . . ►►►
attacked and the Tanks returned to cover the infantry.
Just before mission-succes one got a fatal hit.

Source compilation ANNA:
Rebels: http://www.facebook.com/F.S.Army
♫DDɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ 5.1

More GoPro missions: http://youtu.be/Mv9DJRvuHyI…


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  1. Spent 4 years getting a degree in Russian in college, now what I do with it is shitpost on Reddit and watch car crash and war footage.

  2. That was a case of self destruction. POS ruskie tanks, crap shells, dude mistakenly tries to load a round and poof… no more tank. Interesting that they had footage of the "bad guys" maybe claiming credit for that at the end. I bet the GoPro people are thrilled the quality is so good on their cams as compared to the shit cam the other guys were using. Maybe a cellphone with a zoom, still sucks.

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