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  1. Very kind people you and your husband to show such patience to rescue these baby pups and the mother. How old are they now and are doing?

  2. The person that dumped her needs to be hit by a car, I found a mom and pit on my property, she was lactating but I never found any puppies. I think the coyotes got them. She turned out to be a little girls best friend and one of the best dogs I've known.

  3. What is this, the laziest rescuer ever? This makes me mad. That slow car door stupidity is just the bottom of the barrel. And that disgusting pile of fat you fed her? Get with it.

  4. Wow
    I wish there’s more
    Beautiful people like her
    To protect the animal
    Thank you 🙏 God bless you ❤️💖♥️💕💝💗💜👍🏼

  5. Let be patient a little, give it a little time to get used to new environment, give it some trust. Give it some good tasting food…and with its babies around… then you will get them all for yourself.

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