Rise of the Machines! (Driver forgot to put on the handbrake)

Rise of the Machines! (Driver forgot to put on the handbrake)
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Rise of the Machines! (Driver forgot to put on the handbrake) – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Dude at 7:15 is brilliant: leave it across the street, handbrake off, turned just the right amount, and it's waiting for you when you're done!

  2. Putting your car in park should be muscle memory like flushing the toilet or even breathing, you just do it without thinking. but i guess thats the problem… people not thinking lol

  3. These comments…Oh My Lordt! People, you have me old lady smoker cackling at 2:30 in the fucking morning! OMFG! 🤣😂👌🤣😂 This is one of the best compilations though…probably because it looks like no one fucking died and I was able to enjoy peoples antics…and really a few amazing saves. 10/10

  4. It's literally become something I do each time I leave my vehicle or am in a stop at a drive thru, like at an atm, push that emerg brake pedal down. Can you imagine the increase on your insurance? Repairs. Lol. I had my brush with an accident, backing up into a car that was backing up as well. My Dodge Ram got 3 tiny scratches behind the bumper, while the other cars back passenger end looked like a crushed can of soda. I was so lucky our truck fared so well and my insurance didnt raise and they covered the other car. But whoa, that was it. We traded that one in and got a 2015 and it has warning noises and backup camera.

  5. This happened to me once. Fortunately it was an older car and no body got hurt. Lucky I guess. My car now have auto parking brakes.

  6. More drunk Russians. This is getting boring. I once saw a Putin lookalike in a fairy costume on ice. I think the actor playing him wasn't that pissed either. He did throw up at the end but endeared himself eventually by giving a very good song at the end about Russian leaders having small sexual organs, Russian women and horses . Now that was funny!!

  7. When I was 10 days younger. Friends and I would cut each other’s handbrakes. It was hilarious watching them run to try and stop their cars from rolling into a busy road way.

  8. The driver of the Mercedes S Class at 8:52 put it in reverse and noped the heck out of there when he saw the other SUV barreling down the hill. Good quick thinking by him.

  9. WOW I think I learned something very profound from this video. Russians are excellent drivers it's their cars that are Evil.

  10. Why is it sometimes pronounced ' Blee ott ' and other times pronounced as ' Belle yet ' when the word is actually Blayat? Jeeez, don'tcha know how to say your own words?

  11. I'm amazed at how many idiots pull right into the path of the moving vehicle and stop, thus insuring that they get hit. It's true regardless of whether or not there's a driver at the wheel. I see it over and over in these videos. Absolutely moronic!

  12. Have no idea how those drivers of such large vehicles forget to put on the handbrake… I mean dude it's your responsibility…

  13. Saw a courier driver do this in an industrial estate one day… His utility vehicle rolled backwards out a driveway he was picking up a package from as I was approaching the same driveway on the road… All I saw was this guy shitting his pants chasing after the car… good thing it was a hot day so he had left his driver's side window down… funny shit to watch a guy dive head first into a moving car and pull the e-brake on lol… just as well he did too.. another 6 inches and his car would've hit a BMW on the other side of the road… still funny af though to see this guy hanging out the car from the waist down when it stopped lol

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