Incredible UNSEEN FOOD in Sri Lanka – Indigenous Vedda Tribe!

Incredible UNSEEN FOOD in Sri Lanka - Indigenous Vedda Tribe!
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Dedicated to the amazing people of Sri Lanka. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected in this tragedy. Sri Lanka remains one of my favorite countries in the world.

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SRI LANKAN FOOD – Sri Lanka is known As the pearl of the Indian Ocean, and that’s because it really is a gem of an island. Today we had the privilege to visit an Indigenous Vedda Sri Lankan Village, where they prepared for us some traditional Sri Lankan food.

We first arrived to the lake, where we then had to take a boat across the lake, and then walk for about 30 minutes to get the village. The lush greenery, and an actual beauty was pristine. It started raining, so we just stopped cup of tea.

We arrived at the village, and we were greeted with open hands and an extremely warm welcom. The Aunty started cooking, a number of different dishes using millet, and the main dish with fresh deer meat. The food was unlike other Sri Lankan food I had before, and relied mainly on crops and ingredients they grew themselves locally.

It was an honor to experience Vedda culture and tradition, and food. Even though Uncle and I could not speak the same language or communicate verbally, it was hugely rewarding to just sit next to Uncle, smile, and share thoughts and positivity.

This was one of the most memorable meals and experiences I had in Sri Lanka.

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  1. My utmost condolences and prayers to everyone affected in the horrible tragedy in Sri Lanka.

    I'm publishing this video today to lift up Sri Lanka, the natural beauty, the amazing people, and the fascinating cultures that make it so special.
    Love, condolences, and blessings to all the people of Sri Lanka.

  2. The local people have no idea of keto diets, atkin diets and other glamorous terms of dieting, but one thing for sure, they live simple and eat healthy and organics thus they appear happy and much younger than their real age. Kudos to the indigenous people.

  3. Mark sorry to informyo Sri Lnka have becomes a SHITHOLE the buddits teroist tugs kill innocent folks burnt down folks prpoerty o ly for tamil/muslism, the state is terorist sponcerd. wheile all this happen fornt of teh shithole lankas police & army.s

  4. Come Kerala വരൂ കേരളത്തിലേക്ക് ….pottu ,idali
    Dosha.idiappam.poory.kappa vith fish cury .kallu toody and thusent tipe of tasty foods…Come

  5. wao great! Mark Wiens, I have learnt from u that u a always very happy with people no matter different environment u cross still u keep ur happiness, u shared love with people that's why u can go around different countries on the planet with ur good smile which is the sign of love with different types of people, keep it up brother. by the way congratulation for the baby if i am not mistaken.

  6. मार्क्स वाइन्स भाई आप पूरी दुनिया में पता नही कितनी भेरायटी की खाना खा चुके हैं , लेकिन आप अभी तक मोटाये नही ,,,,😁😁

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