Hopeless wounded dog dying on side of street rescued

Hopeless wounded dog dying on side of street rescued
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We found him collapsed on the side of the street, severely wounded. His body had completely given up and we believe that if we hadn’t rescued him right when we did he likely wouldn’t have survived another day. The side of his head was being eat away by maggots and his ear was completely destroyed. He also had mange, was emaciated and old. It was easy to imagine him completely giving up on life, but this old boy wasn’t ready to say goodbye. As soon as we began his treatment he responded and started to grow stronger day by day.

Meet Major Sahib today!

Please donate to give intensive care to wounded street animals in India who aren’t ready to say goodbye : http://www.animalaidunlimited.org/how-to-help/donate


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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. There is so much animals that need to be rescued,but there is also in all of the world example:egypt doesnt have a rescue team i hope you can go to the countries that have no rescue teams

  2. De verdad es increible como estas personas bellas hagan estas cosas por los perritos lindos y desamparados solo hay una cosa que me molesta muchísimo y es ver que las demas personas que pasan por las calles donde van a recojer alos perritos no hagan nada por ellos porque no lo entiendo porque son de mal corazón en cambio Animal Aid son los ángeles guerreros de Dios para salvar a todo animalito desafortunado mil gracias amigos mil bendiciones y muchisima prosperidad para ustedes

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