Dwarf Pittie Puppy with No Nose Grows Up To Be An Adorable Terror | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Dwarf Pittie Puppy with No Nose Grows Up To Be An Adorable Terror | The Dodo Little But Fierce
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Watch Goosie, a dwarf pit bull puppy born without a nose, grow up to boss around every animal in her house!

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  1. Mutation and changes like that in the species is never good. Those two things are supposed to drive evolution, excluding micro evolution. So how in the world would any of this world can exist with something like those stages!? Life through Random brainless chance from nothing is Ludacris, crazy! Edited: remember that.

  2. Absolutely adorable I so love this thank you for sharing she is such a cutie pie. I have 3 short Blue Pits that each weigh 60 lbs and they are my Fur Babies. 😍

  3. My parents rescued a deaf dog from a shelter in Chicago. She was a German Shepard beagle mix. She had been wandering the streets for ages before they took her in.
    Her name was Annie and she died recently and it has broken my heart.
    So that’s my story, I guess.

  4. I really want to get into newborn rescues, tame, wild, doesn’t matter. I was raised on a large dairy/coon hunting dogs ect. I was the one to feed the newborn calves. I have raised several babies, raccoon, wolf puppie, babies kittens, lots of dogs, oh squirrels. Who would I contact to do this sort of work. I am a retired nurse/paramedic, I could make a differ even in their lives. Thanks,Norma

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