Dashcam Fails 2018: Bad Drivers (Subscribers edition) #6 | CCTube

Dashcam Fails 2018: Bad Drivers (Subscribers edition) #6 | CCTube
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Dashcam Fails 2018: Bad Drivers (Subscribers edition) #6 | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 4:12 The person with the dashcam was a total douchebag. I wouldn't have gotten out of my car, but the other driver did have a right to be upset.

  2. I am simply FLOORED over that last video. Who the FUCK drives like that with a BABY in the car? Evidently, some of these commenters have NEVER driven a motorcycle and have ZERO clue what they're on about. The dude on the motorcycle knew when the light turned green that if he sped up to keep up with the car, he was most likely only taking his own life into his hands. That stupid bitch in the car, with a newborn BABY in a car seat, took off like she wanted to race. The motorcycle could easily beat her Toyota, but he likely knew the road and knew the tracks were coming up. The dude on the bike is wrong for racing on the street and speeding. However, he couldn't know there was a BABY in that car. The chick in the car? She KNEW her baby was in the back and she drove like that. As for the lady in the van, if the cops watched the video the motorcycle rider eventually told them he had, she wouldn't be found at fault due to the excessive speed of the dumb bitch in the car. Believe it or not, ALL conditions are taken into account when an accident investigation is done. Night time, curve in the road, highly excessive speed of the idiot woman in the approaching car.

  3. Байкер тоже мудак – сначала зацепил водителя легковушки, а когда тот его сделал в разгоне и въебался по сути из-за своей тупости , то байкер без зазрения совести слил его мусорам – хотя сам виноват тоже в случившемся….

  4. Biker guy was racing the Corolla. He mentioned the Corolla went airborne over the train tracks. He went airborne for a second too. Corolla could of easily avoided accident by following speed limit. Finding out there was a baby in the Corolla was the top WTF moment.

  5. 0:51 You hunter wang are bad driver, went over the line onto his lane. He got revenge on your sorry ass.. Where you get your license, aye? Bottom a fuckin cereal box.

  6. Wow man that first one, he doesn't know the difference between a video camera and a photography camera and yet he takes a photo of the one he's accusing, hypocrite much amigo?

  7. You ask tips for such situations?
    – don't touch wounded people when you don't know what you're doing! (not picking up from street, street is now theirs)
    – observe and determine priorities
    – try organize by skills: who calls 911, who takes care of victims, who's helping with heavy work
    – communiction has to be pure relevant and to the point.
    – Officer: "Who is involved"
    – best answer: "2 cars with a total of 3 people, … she and a woman inside with a baby"

  8. Not placing blame?? Are you serious?? Clearly the car going 70 down a city street is 100% at fault, I hope her insurance paid for all the damage, & she loses her license for reckless driving, with an infant in the car. People are Soo damn stupid!

  9. I like how everyone is talking about the speeding lady at the end. Yes she shouldn't have been speeding ESPECIALLY with a bay in the car. But no one seemed to mention the dude on the bike who clearly was trying to race her

  10. 3,08 что за хуйня? Умственно-отсталым теперь права выдают? Да он ни слова не связал!

  11. Dude 6:18 WTF you on about bro. You were fucking racing that car and you gave up on it. Stop acting all innocent. Yes the dumb woman did this to herself but you damn sure are not all innocent here. You sped up and acted like you were trying to race the bitch. Can't stand bikers like you.

  12. The third one is an idiot. It's not illegal to photograph someone in public. Maybe back in his home country but not in America. Although I'm sure if the pedos that run the California government had their way it would be – they hate undercover journalists. Also, on the street racing douches – this is why you don't do it. The driver with the baby is no less responsible than the biker who egged her on. I hope they hunt you down and trow you in jail.

  13. Blasian Asian is part to blame and is an arsehole as well. He climbed to 31 mph in the short distance of crossing the road, that is some acceleration. Then you see his speed increase as he races the car from the lights, from what I could make out it looks like he was going at 63 mph on the digital speedo, but to be honest I am not 100% sure. But how this arse can then say "not placing blame as I can see both sides" like he is guilt free. Like so many bikers, they love to race cars off as they have better acceleration, but this time he is part to blame for this race, that had a terrible end to it.

  14. Ну в последнем ролике почему бы не сделать субтитры для русских. Нихрена не понятно…

  15. Just cause the guy on the motorcycle wasn’t backing down, its no excuse for that dumb bitch to drive that fast. Catching air, newborn in the car.. what the heck

  16. This is the typical mentality of certain morons behind the wheel. Everyone has to drive at least 10 miles over the speed limit. They jockey for position by weaving in and out of lanes and speeding just to gain a few second down the road. Now they'll all be there for hours defending themselves against the obvious. The biker was feeling guilty (as he should) by contributing to the wreck. I'm wondering if he ever did came clean to the police in scene?

    Everyone has to remember there are consequences and people in these cars and small children. Your precious time is not the only priority when engaging your privilege to share the road. Take a calming breath before thinking of hitting the gas pedal. Keep a sense of humor with speedy morons, reality will eventually bite 'em in the ass.

  17. @CC TUBE – Driving Fails & Road Rage I swear I'll be lifetime subscriber the day a blyat compilation will come out!

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