Cambodian Street Food – GIANT GRILLED SQUID and MEAT MARATHON in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!

Cambodian Street Food - GIANT GRILLED SQUID and MEAT MARATHON in Phnom Penh, Cambodia!
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a street food paradise!
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On this Cambodian street food tour of Phnom Penh, I’ll be taking you along to Phnom Penh’s Central Market (Psar Thmei), and a landmark in the center of the city. The market itself is not too impressive in my opinion unless you’re looking for jewelry or overpriced clothes, but the street food court and market on the outside is where you want to be.

There’s an abundance of Cambodian Khmer food and Vietnamese food available at the food court of Central Market, and there’s so much to choose from that it can be challenging to decide where to eat. The colorful selection of herbs and vegetables lead me to the bun rieu noodle stall, a Vietnamese crab noodle dish. We first enjoyed a delicious bowl of bun rieu with all the herbs and chilies we wanted. Bun rieu – 7,000 KHR ($1.70)

On the edge of the market you’ll find some huge grilled squid, and it’s incredibly tempting. I thought it was a little expensive (possibly overcharged), but nevertheless, it was amazingly delicious. Giant grilled squid – $8 USD

Next up you’ll see lots of fruit shake vendors at Central Market in Phnom Penh, I had a durian avocado, and it was amazingly delicious. Durian avocado shake – 6,000 KHR ($1.46)

Cambodian oysters as they are known, but really some type of cockle are a common Cambodian street food in Phnom Penh. They are sun dried and they are actually quite tasty. Clams – 4,000 KHR ($0.97)

Yee-ay Sok Sor – sach ko ang jakak (grilled lemongrass skewers), this place was amazing for their Cambodian grilled lemongrass marinated meat skewers in baguettes. Total price – 36,500 KHR ($8.87)

Dried buffalo (sach krobei) – We had a little miscommunication and ended up ordering quite a bit of dried buffalo. The good news is that it was incredible delicious, and so we were happy to have that much! Price – 55,000 KHR ($13.37) for ½ kg.

Our final stop on this Cambodian street food tour of Phnom Penh, we walked around towards the Old Market, and bumped into a grilling meat stall that was too good to pass up. It wasn’t planned, but today turned into a Cambodian grilled meat marathon. Total meat price – 27,000 KHR ($6.56), Soursop fruit shake – 4,000 KHR ($0.97).

Cambodian has amazing street food, and Phnom Penh is a truly exciting city to eat in!

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  1. I have cancer so I do eat much I started watching him and just watching mark has helped me eat more, and I think Joel is his double ❤️
    PS I won’t eat more then the food he has eaten however I give him trumps up👍

  2. Phnom penh=panom penn?..what? Is that's the way to pronounces?…i used to pronounced as; nom penn..

  3. Cambodian street food cause a massive food poisoning. the antibiotics from the pharmacy are few years pass the date. By the time you realize all of this you'll be dead. Rip

  4. love the variety of food. . . .but one thing please change your T- shirt. . . . u knw different kinda colour for different atmosphere. . . 🙂

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