Wrong Way Driving – Caught on Dashcam 2019

Wrong Way Driving - Caught on Dashcam 2019
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Wrong Way Driving – Caught on Dashcam 2019 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. The second clip is just straight ignorant, why would they not stop and turn around or sooomething. noooo instead they kept driving and then did a head on collision. Hopefully both drivers are ok and the one that caused it gets imprisoned for ignorance and reckless driving causing bodily harm.

  2. After watching this, and many other videos, I'm starting to think that Russians aren't that great at driving. But I'm probably wrong… it's just a coincidence.

  3. The last one was a case of monkey see, monkey do. When the first van pulled into the other lane, other people followed suit trusting the van.

    This happens at my workplace all the time.

  4. That last one took the cake. How many dickheads can you get in a row? People bitch about cameras in Russia, I wish they'd put a few more up for pricks like that.

  5. У меня за 4 месяца владения регистратором у самого 4-5 роликов подобных заснято. Киев

  6. 最初の回避行動素晴らしい。

  7. How the fuck can that even happen. Roads are designed that going the wrong way is actually harder to do. These people deserve death without hurting innocent people.

  8. all of those drivers deserve to lose their driver's license and vehicle PERMANENTLY and to be BANNED from EVER driving or riding ANY kind of vehicle for the rest of their life

  9. Sometimes you can understand how someone could go wrong way with poor signage but the speed at which most of these people is doing it is stupid as fuck.

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