This Girl's Happiest When Her Dog's Happy | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend

This Girl's Happiest When Her Dog's Happy  | The Dodo Kid's Best Friend
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This Girl’s Happiest When Her Dog’s Happy | This little girl’s whole world changed when her family rescued a puppy. She’s only 5 but she takes the best care of him and thinks about his happiness all the time ❤️

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  1. If you playing soccer with your dog it is call Foot vs mouth can you please make that the name of the game I will be very happy and excited thank you

  2. 4:28
    small spiderman action figure in her hand

    Me: ah i see you are a man of culture as well

    But seriously these kids are going places. I babysit kids around their age and just
    (*´艸`*) this is the wholesomemess i subscribed for

  3. Such great parents to embrace their children's love of Mojo. These kids have a bright future with their furry friend. Little sister, at 4:00 minute mark, is hilarious. Are we really doing this? Lol

  4. I bet nobody is going to read my 50 page long comment but here goes anyways! I connect on a personal level with this girl because I got a three year old doggo when I was 7 and 6 years later, I still have and love this guy! I have complete full responsibility for this dog and I do my VERY best to keep him healthy, walking him 4 times a week, hiking 2 times a week, and swimming once a month. I’ve educated myself about dogs and can answer about any question you can provide, and I’ve trained him completely by myself. He’s 9 now, going on ten and I’m terrified of the day he passes. Anyone have any tips?

  5. Every child should have the experience of growing up with a dog.
    Dogs teach kids emotional lessons that are vital to developing a well rounded personality.

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