Nasi Goreng and Durian: Indonesian Street Food Tour at Mangga Besar, Jakarta, Indonesia!

Nasi Goreng and Durian: Indonesian Street Food Tour at Mangga Besar, Jakarta, Indonesia!
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Mangga Besar is a small area of Jakarta that’s known for its street life and for its bounty of all kinds of street food. My wife and I were staying in the Mangga Besar area, and we headed out onto the street one evening to eat a plate of nasi goreng.

When I was a kid I used to love fried rice. Now, I don’t eat fried rice all that often, but occasionally it does really sound good. You’ll find street food carts selling nasi goreng all over Indonesia and there are many different variations of fried rice that you can order. When I saw the petai (stink beans) hanging from the cart, I knew I immediately needed to order nasi goreng petai, or Indonesian style fried rice with stink beans.

He first added in some oil and a little dab of margarine to the wok, before tossing in a few ingredients. Then in went the rice, and he fried it up expertly along with a few seasoning, including the signature to nasi goreng, kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) to give it the Indonesian fried rice touch. It was a nicely satisfying plate of nasi goreng, and it wouldn’t have been the same without the addition of the stink beans.

Mangga Besar is also one of the most well known areas of Jakarta for durian, and as soon as it becomes evening, an abundance of stalls that sell durian, especially from Medan and Palembang, will set up. Right next to the nasi goreng stall that I ate at, there was a durian stall, and so the natural thing to do was go next door for a durian dessert. We ended up choosing a medium sized Palemnbang durian. When it comes to dessert, nothing can compare a good durian!

Mangga Besar – Jakarta, Indonesia
Nasi goreng petai – 20,000 IDR ($1.50)
Durian – 65,000 IDR ($4.88)


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  1. Ngeliat dia makan keknya nikmat beud. Padahal orang indo udah sering makan tapi ya biasa.. emang udah enak makanan Indonesia tuh! #IndonesianFood
    Ayo Mr. Datang lagi cobain makanan lain. Sekarang banyak. Ada telor gulung, cilor, maklor, lidi lidian, batagor, cilok micin. Banyak lagi.

  2. I was always wondering like, why all the delicious cuisine have to be in another place? But i was wrong, i just didn't realize how delicious my homeland;s cuisines enough because i know them so much. Let's say i live in The US, maybe i'll never know the authentic taste of rendang here in Indonesia and i love it so much.

  3. MUST have been Mark's stink day!!! First stink beans, then durian!! BTW, Durian's cousin is called "Tinkin' Toe" — but correctly The Locust Fruit. Lord it stinks! mercy mio. A thick, rich, full and huge fruit — plus very sweet to the taste … but stink!!! hahahaha. When one eats it others would think a fart came out of that one's mouth. Same for Jackfruit!

  4. Nggak suka pete, bukan karena bau dari mulutnya… Karena bau setelah makannya seperti ketika pipis….
    Wagelasehhhhh 1 orang yg makan pete… Serumah bau pete semua ?????

  5. Mark, have you tried stink beans cooked in prawn sambal, it really brings oout the aroma of the dish… I like how you enjoyed yourself eating durian, i heard the best durian is the one with yellowish texture,

  6. Do you know easy way to get rid durian smell on your hand? 9:00 is the answer, that part is not very fragrant and it can cancel durian smell, just apply it on your hand and wash with clean water and try smell your hand, no durian smell on your hands

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