IDIOT FUNNY DRIVERS, Best Of Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails – Driving Fails And Sounds March 2017

IDIOT FUNNY DRIVERS, Best Of Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails - Driving Fails And Sounds March 2017
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IDIOT FUNNY DRIVERS, Best Of Ultimate Retardet Drivers Fails – Driving Fails And Sounds March 2017 # 560 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. VODKA ! keeps you warm when you have to walk after having an accident – that's why they have to drink at least a bottle before they drive – so they don't freeze.

  2. Da sieht man wo die neue Technik hinführt alles in den Tod ihr deppen was kommt in nächsten hundert Jahren werden da etwa jeder Mensch fliegen oder was noch vor Jahrhunderten wo es keine Autos gab und man mit den Pferden reiteten die Zeiten waren bestimmt besser als heute. Kan nur eins sagen alle Menschen auf der Erde werden immer mehr zur hurrensöhne da gibt es kein Frieden mehr soll der 3 Weltkrieg kommen ahayat ich hätte jeden abgeschlachtet einfach so auf Spaß weil jeder Mensch nichts geschissen kriegt

  3. First clip, why didn't the driver with the car cam slow down when he or she saw the truck in front was coming his direction ?

  4. I liked the red truck as it careens down the embankment, why all the chic-screaming, has screaming EVER made a situation any better, other than rape of course.

  5. Can anyone understanding his language, please tell me what the chap at the 9:10 mark was rabbiting on about? He seemed to be quite melodramatic for a little car bump. Thanks for the uploads!

  6. В конце мудила блядь на стар ко кидается такой смелый….. дали бы пиздюлей все хором

  7. please include more American stuff I don't want to see mostly Russia stuff nor really at all I just want to see American stuff and lol what the heck kindof costume was that biker wearing @2:50

  8. на синем МАНе Тупой Идиот, даром что "профессионал". Ехай сука в свой кювет, раз уж проебал вспышку и дистанцию со скоростью не соблюдал. Нет, надо в невинного человека на встречке въебаться. Вердикт он Гандон с куплиными правами.

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