Houdini: an intense rescue of an escape artist! A MUST SEE!

Houdini: an intense rescue of an escape artist!  A MUST SEE!
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Please help send us on the next rescue mission by donating $5: http://www.HopeForPaws.org

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  1. What a CHAOS !!!!! You ALL need some lessons in handeling animals. I am SURE, some actions end in real disaster.
    Give me 24 hours and that doggy runs behind me.

  2. If all this energy could go to help animals who need it even more… Like battery chickens..pigs…ducks and the list goes on… Good job and spirit nonetheless

  3. Awesome to see you guys have some sponsored videos. I hope more companies see this and use you guys to advertise their products as you guys constantly get millions of views on all your videos!.

  4. Вы супер люди от бога вы даёте им вторую ЖИЗНЬ и семьи где их любят как своих РОДНЫХ ДАЙ ВАМ БОГ БОЛЬШОГО ВСЕМ ЗДОРОВЬЯ
    УАЖАЮ ВАС.😼🐕🐶👋

  5. Small dogs are harder to catch. At least with big dogs you can pounce on them and have a slim chance of landing on them, but with small dogs it’s hit or miss and in most cases you miss. 🤣

  6. Pintu pelarian hendaknya jangan ditutup, sebaiknya dipasang jebakan jaring.
    Diharapkan dia melarikan diri melalui pintu tersebut.

  7. Soon as the dramatic music started playing I got a lil emotional already knowing what hope for paws does 😭😭 even tho nothing had happened yet 🤣🤣 keep it up guys 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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