Tiny Puppy Saved From Dog Fighting Falls Into The Right Hands | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Tiny Puppy Saved From Dog Fighting Falls Into The Right Hands  | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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Tiny Puppy Saved From Dog Fighting Falls Into The Right Hands | Watch this scared little puppy go from full of rage to bursting with joy!

To help more dogs like Maddie, you can support her rescuers at Mr. Bones & Co: http://thedo.do/mrbones. Check them out on Facebook to revisit her full journey: https://www.facebook.com/MrBonesandCo

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  1. Ok, every time I learn something else about dogfighting, it gets worse. 4 flippin' weeks?!? God, she is a gorgeous baby. Her eyes are amazing. Walking herself with the leash in her mouth..oh, that takes me back. I had a pair years ago who would walk each other.

  2. I love foster fail stories 😂🥰 I wouldn’t be a good foster parent for the same reason. I’d end up adopting them all 🐶❤️

  3. honestly i think this is one of the best pittie nation videos bc like it's very easy to get attached to the dogs that are lovable and sweet right after they get out of horrific trauma but im glad you're showcasing a dog that has a lot more struggles. like it's easy for someone to say "oh yeah some of hte pit bulls are sweethearts btu the ones with aggression issues htey're still dangerous and unfixable" so im glad this shows that's not hte case

  4. Awe this story proves that when in the hands of the right owner and people any dog breed can thrive. Stop being scared of pit bulls be scared of the owners that keep them aggressive. A dog is as good as it's human. Just like children ❤️❤️❤️👶👧👦❤️

  5. I protect my pets they don't have to be or do anything else. I keep them to hug, kiss and be happy. I'll fight for them, cry for them, and sacrifice for them..period…God love that mom and this little one

  6. Well in their country if the owner is tired of them since they are useless on dogfighting they would leave them behind but on us they would kill them and make them as a food on some local restaurants so i dont eat on local restaurants anymore

    Sry for my bad english English is only my 2nd language

  7. a few more weeks even days it would be too late,as for the guy that gave her the dog like that or people that dump dogs at the door of shelters,i really dont think we should prosecute them, because if we do they will start dumping them in bins or deserted places

  8. I'm so happy for every precious dog saved from this beyond cruel treatment and given a proper dog life filled with joy and love. People like these two amazing women really do a fantastic job.
    And people who find dogfighting to be entertainment should kill themselves immedietly. Absolute scum of the earth.

  9. That she was trying.


    That she was adapting.

    Dogs and human nature are basically the same

    U do something wrong
    U either learn to stop of do it better.
    Cause u are adapting to ir surrounding or ur goal.

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