The World’s Most Pampered Alligator

The World’s Most Pampered Alligator
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THE THOUGHT of being in close contact with an alligator might be terrifying for most people but this lady dresses her pet gator in a TUTU – and even gives it manicures. The four and a half foot reptile, named LillyGator, is known for wearing a tiara, pink dresses and even has her nails painted. Owner Angela Lance, 44, from Pennsylvania, USA, bought Lilly as a tiny hatchling at just two and a half days old.

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Videographer / director: Ruaridh Connellan
Producer: Nora Hakramaj, Ellie Winstanley
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. I think the alligator should be free in the wild, not trapped in a person's house. It does not look like she enjoys being dressed up like a circus animal. It's cruel.

  2. Last thing animal need is to be abused by chemistry like painting a nails, or by cleaning teeth, when if eating naturally there is no need. She is not only poisoning it but also destroying its teeth. Great job.

  3. Also the alligator gets a lot of attention and gets everything which I rather have then being outside with all that tourture and she’s doing the right thing since all animals need attention no matter how big small or wildlife

  4. Guys it’s not abuse or animal captivity bc she still able to be walked or go outside and maybe she’ll let her loose after she gets older and she’s too young too mate and the alligator hissing doesn’t mean she hates or anything cause all animals make there noise for,no reason and it littarly said she boutght her and maybe got cause not many people want an alligator and Lilly likes the woman so chill guys.its not captivity

  5. I don’t think this is good for the alligator because when she gets bigger and you will have to let her free, she wild not have a very successful life in the wild

  6. So what happens when this alligator becomes the length of a small truck? Lack of foresight is why a lot of animal sanctuaries exist.

  7. Alligators can absolutely be domesticated. It will take tens of thousands of generations of alligators living in human society, constant selective breeding of friendlier gentler alligators vs. selective culling of the more aggressive violent alligators, and a lot of suffering. It's 100% doable though.

  8. Poor alligator they just want to be free to do anything they like not be dressed up and have there teeth brushed and nails done and walked like a dog

  9. “Hi this is Jimmy from strange addictions!” “Hi Jimmy” “what are you addicted to doing?” “I put dresses on killing machines and treat them like little girls that can crush bones!!!!”

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