Stray Mom Begs for Food was Beaten, Crying before Death – leaving 3 Starving Puppies

Stray Mom Begs for Food was Beaten, Crying before Death - leaving 3 Starving Puppies
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Stray Mom Begs for Food was Beaten, Crying before Death – leaving 3 Starving Puppies

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  1. Why isn't anyone comforting her and petting her.. Telling her that her puppies Will be ok.. Letting her puppies be next to her. Thanks for all you did for The puppies and for poor Thep that is pure evil.

  2. Oh God plzzz punish those monsters….
    Plsssss beg of you Almighty 🙏🙏🙏
    Its so heartbreaking to hear her crying..
    Thank you so much rescuers 🙏🙏 God bless ppl like you… loads of luv n blessings to all kind hearted souls on this earth …

  3. Why the people who found that mommy did not give her something for that such a pain? Release her from that pain? 😔 let her suffer even find her it’s almost the same….
    But thanks to save the puppies


  5. She just wanted to have some food so she can feed her babies but that man snatched mother from her babies. God will never forgive that man/ woman whosoever did that. I wish they will face same situation and no one helps them. Why these kind of people don’t have feelings for animals. This is so sad that she got beaten just for food. So sad.

  6. Dirty bastards put them in a room fuelled with animal lovers let them deal wae the scum that did this 3 babies without mum sad do ur very best rescures 💕💔🌹🌷👆🐶🐕🐕🐕

  7. I'm so sick and tired of people muustreating animals.that poor mamma dog .that was horrible,I cried.These Fing people.I pray they found who left her like that.thank u so much for helping her puppies.God Bless .RIP.mamma dog luv u.💋💋👄💙🖤💜🧡

  8. I really obay that doggie who has give milk her step puppies "THEP" doggie 🙏🙏 she is a goddess 🙏🙏
    God bless her and god be with her ever 🙏🙏 i love ❤ her very much 🙏🙏💖💖💕💕❤❤💋💋👄👄💝💝💘💘💞💞👄👄💋💋💞💞💝💝💘💘💕💕💞💞

  9. Animal rescue, I do not think that these type of videos are good for you to upload to YouTube. These type and some of the others with such severe injuries should not be used in any videos! They are in such suffering and should not be filmed to when they are dying. Alot of people in America believe that these dogs are intentionally injured just so videos and money can be made off there suffering…I don't think you are doing that but some are and it will keep getting worse with dog injuries. People like the videos showing the tick and parasite removal and they like seeing any follow up videos showing progress or improvement with the dogs! Please stick to those videos!!! 👍👍

  10. God bless u mom doggie and her gorgeous puppies god be with u ever mom and babies 😘😘😙😙😗😗💕💕❤❤💖💖💞💞💝💝💘💘💋💋👄👄💟💟💞💞💝💝💘💘❤❤

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