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Hey rabbits!
Shy people don’t have an easy life. They get criticized a lot for being too calm, too distanced, too boring. No one seems to ever mention the awesome parts about their personalities. So here you go: 7 reasons why shy people can be proud that they are shy. Have fun! 🙂







“Monkey Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin MacLeod (
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Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

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“Magic Chime” (modified)
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  1. Well, I'm born as an extrovert, but people hurt me so many times (and still do) that it made me shy and insecure. How to cure it?

  2. If everyone speaks and gives orders.. then who will be the listeners and doing works? *since they are good in lisening, and creative in their works.

  3. I’m not shy but sometimes like to stay being quiet and people ask me why are you so quiet? Or are you shy? It makes me feel tired a bit

  4. Should I really be proud? It’s hard for me to even speak to people, and I can’t make friends. I wish I could just get rid of my shit social anxiety and depression so I can finally live like a normal person.

  5. Being shy as a male sucks. Ppl think your stuck up but in reality its just that your brain scrambles when your around ppl your not comfortable with.

  6. it is now awesome, I'm shy and it's a terrible feeling, especially for a man… however, the reasons you mentioned are completely valid 🙂

  7. Introverts are superior in ways like being nervous and cautious and most are quite smart but extroverts are superior in social interaction and are good at more sporty activities in my opinion but in my opinion extroverts are quite predictable and “default”

  8. I am shy, and a little introverted. Most of the time this isn’t a problem until it comes to meeting women. If you are unable to start and hold a conversation, you don’t have a chance. It’s a shit feeling being called “ boring “ and having the girl turn around and walk away. This “ shyness “ over many years now has me in a bad place. I do have friends and family around me, but I’m still lonely. JMHO

  9. I know much more stuff thats why i am shy! I do parkour, i know stuff about how the world is a machine of sheeps, how our planet is dying(watch cowspiracy) and many people think that they are better than you! I might write a cool comment at social media like stfu or something else but in real life i am very shy believe me!

  10. Yeah people think I’m retarded cuz I don’t talk very much, but they don’t know that I know what kinda idiot stuff they going to say before they open their mouth lol

  11. Im shy but i don't want to be shy forever i want to be like the rest of the kids and make a lot of Friends and speak out what i believe in or raise my hand when i got the answer to a problem .. And i told my mom but this of what im dealing with at school of not being myself and feeling sad throught the day. So without a Word she went to my school and talked about what was happending… I told her no but she did it anyways…. After that they took me to a counselor and talked about my feelings… the person that i talked with knows a lot of kids who were just like me and even she was shy ..she even showed me a note of a girl thanking her for making her a friend…Not going to lie i was very happy that my mom told the school because if she didn't i would be sad forever… Moral of the story talk to somebody tell them your feelings because if you don't you well always feel sad

  12. Staying away from others and not making friends is not shyness. It is a modern survival tactic and means of living affrodably, safely, without emotional pain, and maintaining your emotional health. Humans are evil, backstabbing, manipulators. Those calling themself your friend will be the first to use, betray, and very painfully turn against you and abandon you.

    The 21st century human is not capable of true friendship and true love. You have been warned. Never trust humans. They are not the same, behaviorally, as what they were before the early 20th century.

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