Kittens Vs. Puppies (Who's Cuter?)

Kittens Vs. Puppies (Who's Cuter?)
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From the creator of CAT CLIPS and DOG DAYS comes this sweet compilation of clips featuring some familiar kittens and puppies. The video highlights Tipi and Tuck from the CAT CLIPS series and several miniature dachshunds from the DOG DAYS series. The video also includes running commentary from our favorite funny announcers, Bill and Buzz, who always have something silly to say. After watching this competition, it’s time for YOU, the viewer, to vote on which one of our furry friends takes the prize for the Cuteness Factor — Kittens or Puppies. And once you’ve watched and cast your vote, please pass along to your friends for their input as well.

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About Cat Clips
Created by Michael Latshaw, this episode is part of the humorous “Cat Clips” series, which features the ongoing adventures of a group of talking cats in the New Jersey suburbs. The cats are avid fans of pop culture and fill their days discussing the latest celebrity gossip, political mishaps and topical entertainment related subject matter. They also engage in plenty of mystery and intrigue, as they continually try to scheme and outmaneuver each other, most often with comical results. Part sitcom, part soap opera, CAT CLIPS is the longest running feline continuous storyline series on YouTube.
Meet the Talking Cats of CAT CLIPS:
Honey (aka Chase), an orange and white long-haired domestic, is the oldest female of the group, and loves to eat chocolate and other sweet treats. Often referred to as “Big Mama,” the Mother of the clan is not afraid to give her opinion on almost anything—whether you ask for it or not. (Later in the series, it’s discovered that Honey is actually a diabetic and so she must reluctantly give up her pension for popsicles and pastries in favor of daily insulin shots.)
Trey is an all-black short-haired domestic cat who often looks at life through a cynical pair of eyes. Though he teases Honey relentlessly, he also feels a deep affection for her, and it soon becomes apparent that his tough exterior is mostly for show.
Tipi arrives in Episode #36 to become the youngest female feline of the group. She is an extremely ambitious cat with only one thing on her mind—to become a huge mega-star.  She loves to sing, dance and act, and uses every opportunity to promote herself and her desire to become a leading actress. A spin-off series called “Dear Tipi” was developed to help facilitate her desire for global recognition.
Tuck is a Bengal cat and the offspring of one of Honey’s British relatives. He arrives in Episode #44 just in time for Valentine’s Day. Though Tuck instantly bonds with Honey and Tipi, Trey doesn’t trust him and is quite reluctant to allow the foreigner into the fold. But eventually, Tuck wins over the older male cat with his positive energy and upbeat personality. Soon after, Tuck falls madly in love with Tipi, who rejects his advances in favor of her career ambitions.
Boots is the newest member of the cast, arriving in Episode #105, and actually appears as a ghost in the series. Although his back story is still somewhat vague, we do know that when he was living, he was owned by the great and powerful Wizard of Wit. This not only gives him an interesting perspective on things, but also access to various types of magical powers. After Honey passes away in Episode #135 and then returns in Episode #143 as a ghost, Boots confesses the truth about his true identity, and reveals himself as a real cat.


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  1. Kittens are Cuter then puppys
    Cats are Cuter then dogs
    Cats and puppy and both fun
    Puppy bit stuff to much
    Kittens don't

    Who do you like more
    Kittens or puppy

    Plz comment thx

  2. You are all retarted if you think those descusting Grossman and horrible creatures win puppies are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% and the gross creatures ————100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%

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