DOCS: Dog Rescue – Ep.1

DOCS: Dog Rescue - Ep.1
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A unique and moving observational documentary series that explores everyday life at two of the UK’s busiest animal rehoming centres. At Harefield’s Dog Trust in West London, soap star Wendy Richard brings her terrier Lilly in for training, and a cute pup named after singer Gary Barlow gets left behind when his popstar named puppy sisters, Victoria and Geri, find new homes. At the Manchester Dogs Home, pregnant cross-breed Whitney needs rescuing from giving birth on the cold city streets, and Bedlington Terrier Misty hopes to find her owner after being lost for 3 months.

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  1. Sod the music being loud. Loved watching this in bed after a hard day at the pitface.
    Bright blessings and thank you for your hard work. ❤💛💚

  2. My dog looked almost exactly like Barlowe when she was a puppy. Definitely black lab/border collie mix, as mine is the same with the addition of GSD.

  3. My 3yo Spring Jack just been on his long daily walk through the woods and valleys and got home to a big bowl of the finest doggy food you can get.
    Now lay on his back on the settee with his legs akimbo whilst donning a huge satisfied smile….
    Watching this has made me realise he his one fortunate spoilt little pooch.

  4. I have been instructed and in many classes of puppy school and grade 1. Both of my dogs surpassed the others getting the best reward. Everytime they pull on the leash you are required to stop. I am not aware of the use of abused dogs, but for a dog to pass is controlling the puppy or dog at all times which you show you do not. I know it is an abuse channel. To gain trust you need to know someone is in charge at all times. Psychological affects and effects are prominent in this situations so I am going based on what I know which is keeping it under control and watching the animal very closely for signs of an outburst. I would not let the animal run free and the animal thinking it can out control me.

  5. Why are there so many beautiful dogs in the UK shelters? In the US we mostly and many times only have Pitbulls at the shelters. If you want a pedigree dog you must go to breeder here.

  6. If one cannot afford to feed and house oneself, how can one feed and care for a pet on the street? People have warm hearts for pets, but It seems priorities are reversed.

  7. in the US here. its not the micro chipping thats expensive, its the services for maintaining the information thats ridiculously priced

  8. Is it me, or is Misty saying she doesn't know him from adam…. and if you let me off this leash, I can continue going on to find my home…?

  9. 16:00 she is beckoning the dog implying she is going to fuss over her. Then when the dog reacts in the predictable doggy way she doesn't get fussed over and the lady turns her back on her instead?

    That was literally the ONLY ACCEPTABLE CONTEXT for a dog to jump up onto someone. She had ENCOURAGEMENT!

  10. All that loud music really is redundant, especially when people are speaking.
    Does the Dogs Trust provide free or reduced rate spaying and neutering for people with limited incomes?

  11. Man who loves animals he is really lover of men also Animals are really innocent and precious Lover of such animals is also 100 percent precious God will help to all of you certainly

  12. I've had many many dogs and cats over my lifetime. Damnit SPAY and NEUTER your animals. Enough !!! We have this problem because people are stupid. Enough !

  13. 😁😘😘😘 THANK YOU Mr Barcroft BOSS for uploading this series! 😍
    I LOVEEEEE IT! 🎉💕💙💗💚💖 PLEASE keep them coming! 🙏👍👌
    ~South Africa~ 🌍🌞
    PS: If you have a freelance job available for my 30yr old (Copywriter in Advertising) son, now a resident in Amsterdam 🌷🌿🚬💃 don't hesitate to give me a shout! I'm sure there's LOTS that he could cover in Amsterdam. He also has Swiss nationality, so could cover Switzerland for you as well. 😊

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