Drivers without driver skills: Fails of the Week #846 (September 2018) | CCTube

Drivers without driver skills: Fails of the Week #846 (September 2018) | CCTube
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Drivers without driver skills: Fails of the Week #846 (September 2018) | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I want to thank you CC Tube for all that you do in putting these together and posting them. Because of these vids I now drive a bit slower and try to be more aware of what's around me =)

  2. New theory: self-driving cars are among us, and by the millions, yet mostly in Russia and China. And the technology does not really work… The cursing Russian guys and screaming Chinese women are not drivers but software engineers dismayed by the car having malfunctioned yet again.

    Because I run out of other explanations…

  3. Statistics have shown that Chinese and Indians are BY FAR some of the best and safest drivers in the Weerrrrrrlllllddd!!

    How interesting, that these two countries do not produce any popular (and probaby reliable automobiles) of their own….
    But both sure are good at MATH!

    *However, Common sense is NOT that common…

  4. I wouldn't make it as a cop. In that last clip, I'm afraid I would have yanked the b*tch out of that suv and broke as many bones as possible so she would never be able to drive again.

  5. меня одного бесят аварии из китая типа тернулись, торкнулись и т.д. ??? ну бывает половина ролика именно из китая

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