Dota 2 Fails of the Week – Ep. 14

Dota 2 Fails of the Week - Ep. 14
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  1. "The Finger has a split second delay, just like in real life. That made no sense" XD
    – it sounded perv but it made me laugh hard.

  2. And if I´m not mistaken the Idea for DotA was taken from the Last Misison of the Bonus campaign in Frozen throne ( it was Dota stylish with 1side having op Minions and 1side having 3 bases and heroes)

  3. U mean u want to say HON and LOL are a copy of DOTA. A game that's been created on Warcraft 3(map actually) and its been played for 10 years since it began and u say that DOTA is copying HON. So stupid u r, go grew up kid!

  4. how is tf2 a copy of COD? they are both 1st person shooters, but cod is a very specific game that tries to be as realistic as possible, while still being fun, and tf2 is all about the cartoony aspect of doing crazy fun things with diferent classes that do very different things.

  5. I think you MIGHT have mixed up some facts here… but i can't put my finger on it… maybe the whole timelinething- but it's complecated, so don't think about it too much. ;p

  6. 1:55 – LeShrac's name is "Jesus had Aegis"
    2:10 – Templar Assassin's name is "Jesus had Aegis… So Did Gandalf"
    Coincidence? I think not! 😛

  7. Dota 2 was released 9 july 2013
    and IceFrog was hired by ValvE in oct 2009
    and i dont care about LoL. because every game in LoL is the same.

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