BOAT FAILS 2017 ★ Turn Down for WHAT? [TNT Channel]

BOAT FAILS 2017 ★ Turn Down for WHAT? [TNT Channel]
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Hilarious wet fails!
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Jason Wells
Sailboat Capsized into Redondo Beach Pier in California
Epic Fail – how not to beach your boat through the surf
Kus Le Pirate
Greymouth boat crash
Zach Arn
660 boat fail
Airboat up hill FAIL LOL

Accident Zone
Wedding boat fail Full HD
Boat Fail
The Ultimate Fails / Quick Clips
Homemade Redneck Boat Fail! Funny Video!
Tinny Bashing
Idiot Rolls Boat (Fail)
Oliver Taylor
Boat fails

Andrew Porter
Fail Boat on the Thames river Thamesford
joel vazquez
#failarmy boat fail

Boat fail
Marie-Josee Gravelle
Asian guy driving a boat in Cuba = epic fail
ewan peebles
Boat Fail!

For Real
Boat Fail For Real!
Sirlordwilson 99
Boat fa 2il
Funny Boat Fail
Fishing Master
Best boat fails part 2
Tinny Bashing
Boat Almost Flips (Fail)
Epic Fail Jump in Boat
Funny Video Clips
Policija padaro avarija su kateriu / Police Boat Epic Fail
Retri Bution
Boat toss fail
Jesse Millette
OMG Boat Epic Fail!!
Funny Videos collection
Crane Putting Boat In Water Fails
Канал Мужика/Охота/Рыбалка/Спорт/Авто
Упустил рыбу и перевернулся на лодке.ЭПИЧНАЯ РЫБАЛКА.
Bat 25
Шок! Смотреть всем ржач Упал с лодки Ненормативная лексика
Сергей Фуркало
Прикол на рыбалке

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  1. It's crazy how many idiots keep driving towards objects or land in a boat and they still have their engine on full throttle.?‍♂️

  2. What is he saying at 3:23, I've been trying to find a translation for 'mosete sewerta' for years since the first time I saw this clip.

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