Best Pizza in New York City – $31 For A Pizza in NYC!

Best Pizza in New York City - $31 For A Pizza in NYC!
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One of the best places to eat pizza in New York City!
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On Day 30 of my Round The World Trip for Food my wife and I decided to make a food trek to Brooklyn to eat one of the best pizzas in New York City. The pizza restaurant: Di Fara Pizza. We then went to Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine to eat some fantastic Trinidad cuisine. It was another good day of food in New York City.

1:35 Di Fara Pizza – When you do any kind of searching for the best pizza in New York City, it won’t take you long to find Di Fara Pizza, a family run restaurant in Brooklyn known for their incredible pizza. Also, when I went to NYC, many of you recommended that I needed to try Di Fara, so I decided that a pilgrimage was must. I arrived before they opened for lunch, and was first in line. I was a little torn as what to order, but finally just went with the classic round pie with half pepperoni and half cheese. The pizza took about 15 minutes to make and it came out of the oven hot and fresh. As soon as it came out, he chopped on some fresh basil. That first slice of pizza I had was one of the best pieces of pizza I’ve ever had. Everything tasted so pure and so balanced. The crust was right, the sauce and cheese were perfect. All the ingredients they use to make their pizza at Di Fara are from Italy, and so that’s part of the reason their pizza is so expensive. Is it the best pizza in New York City? I’m not really qualified to answer this as I haven’t been to all the famous pizza places in NYC. But what I can say is that Di Fara pizza is mind-blowingly good. Pizza price – $31

9:45 Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine – After finishing the pizza we moved on to Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine, a restaurant in Crown Height known for serving Caribbean food and especially mostly Trinidadian food. I decided to order the curry chicken meal while my wife ordered the curry fish meal. Both of the meals were huge and came with sides, rice, and vegetables. The curry chicken and curry fish were both excellent, full of spice flavor. This was my first time to have Trinidadian food, and it’s made me want to go to Trinidad immediately. For excellent Caribbean food in New York City, Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine is a friendly restaurant. Curry chicken meal – $11, Curry fish meal – $13.

And that was basically it for the day. Ying wasn’t feeling too well, so we headed back to our hotel and rested. It was another great day of food in New York City!

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I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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  2. It's pizza. PIZZA. How religious can the experience be? If it's the very best pizza in the universe, it's still pizza.

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