10 Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People's Lives

10 Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People's Lives
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10 Times Superhero Animals Literally Saved Human Lives.
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When our lives are in danger, we sometimes forget that humans aren’t the only creatures on earth with the ability to recognize a life or death situation. From cats and dogs to horses and goats – many animals can tell when a human needs assistance. We share a past with every creature on this planet. Whether they are covered in fur, scales or feathers we sometimes need their help more than we realize.

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  1. The lion thing just shocked me
    The lions had the opportunity to eat that 12year old but they didn't
    Instead the the lions protected her
    I am shocked

  2. If I got saved by a lion. Me: Uhh wh- MMMMHHH! Lions: sniff sniff Me: What the?! L-lions!! * lions bite the heck out of the kidnappers* Me: thanks dude ♡♡

  3. ✋🏼 I was saved by my 2 yr old chihuahua terrier mix, Ozzy and my 8 yr old Rottweiler Murphy
    One fine afternoon I was walking around outside on the Rez trying to roleplay as Rhonda Rousey, the dogs that belonged to my neighbor rushed at me, my heroic dog Ozzy leaped into action, so did Murphy. They barked until my dad and brother saw what was happening, my dad got his paintball gun and my brother got his kendo stick. I defended myself with a 10 ft stick. They ran off when Murphy bit one on the right leg, and Ozzy bit one into the leg.
    It's how my doggos saved meh

  4. well my kitten was attacking me and my dog came into action and help me alothough my cat did scartch me on the face but im okay

  5. I did I was saved by a animal it was a lion I fell in the where there are lion and you can watch well I fell and the lion just made me get up and help me get off of the u know

  6. Yes I have been saved by in animal it was my dog who saved my life big 2 caws attack me and my dog was there on time to get them away from me

  7. I have been saved by a lion at the zoo because the people who work there let me feed the lines but I fell and I broke my arm in the line to help me

  8. Yes in line trying to attack me but then somehow a bunch of cats while they were my kids they somehow just literally just typed to scratch them from behind and one more thing I don’t want to so I don’t cause what’s the line came up and we’re on the counts team and they started attacking it somehow and they technically killed the Lions but hey now we have

  9. It was take a pet to school day and I brought my boxer to school. I was waiting at my bus stop when suddenly a white truck stopped in front of me. A man emerged from the truck and put me in an arm lock. My dog lunged at him and bit his ankle, which gave me time to escape. My dog chased the man until he got back into his truck. My bus came and the driver called 911. The man was arrested. My dog broke his front leg but is ok. But I was late to school 🙁

  10. One time when I was little, 5 yrs old, I fell down because a dog was attacking me, unexpectedly, a wolf came by and attacked the dog, the dog ran away limping. That is why my favorite animals are wolves. They are faithful creatures.

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