Rescuing a Dog with Deep, Infected Wounds | Pit Bulls and Parolees

Rescuing a Dog with Deep, Infected Wounds | Pit Bulls and Parolees
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Tia finds an injured dog suffering from so much infection, she can smell it. | For more Pit Bulls and Parolees, visit

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  1. I’m not a fan of pit bulls (as I’ve been attacked by one in the past) but this is just pure disgust, can we just chuck the cunts that like to throw innocent dogs as bait dogs themselves? Let them know how it feels to be viciously attacked ?

  2. I'm gonna cry cause of those kisses! He's just like, "Thank you! Thank you so much!". This woman and her crew are the best people and I love the bright light they shine on pitbulls and how wrong the stereotypes of them are. She is a saint and deserves all the happiness in the world.

    I haven't watched this actual episode, so please someone tell me he's alright!

  3. Evil maggot humans need to be in Jail! I can’t believe there are people that get off on watching dogs fight and Roosters! Animals are here for people to Love and comfort each other share Peace and joy ! I Truly care for animals ALot more than people! Thank You Tia and your family and Staff I Love Y’all! I adore Tia so much I named one of my Pits Tia Toi ?

  4. we hear how pitbulls are dangerous and kill people but we dont hear how people make pitbulls fight against eachother and even bears we dont hear how millions of innocent pitbulls are euthanized for no reason

  5. I honestly hope all dog fighter humans die a slow and painful death, by getting attacked and thrown out on the streets to die and hope no one saves them see how they feel

  6. Dogs only reflect what there owners have done I feel so bad for this dog people are so evil why would you use a LIVING thing as bait this so sad tbh I really don’t like people this dog is so sweet pit bulls are THE strongest dogs idc what anyone thinks

  7. I want to adopt that poor dog, and give him all the hot/cold/whatever temp he wants, baths he wants. I'm sure he would live getting bathed and just being clean.

  8. even when carrying him his tailed wagged that is how amazing dogs are they trust and love us and the forgiveness they show even when humans hurt them poor baby to think he has been used in a fight prob as bait dog is just heart breaking

  9. I'm thankful your helping abandoned and physical abused dog there in need of care and attention from a good owner I'm dog lover as well

  10. as someone living in Louisiana this is my number 1 gut wrenching fear for my boxers, im always terrified of them being stolen and used as bait and it doesn't help that before we could get my moms dog (now my dog through a series of wild events) neutered, we had 9 puppies. I have everyone's contact information, address, etc and if something fishy happens I WILL be paying them a personal fucking visit. I caught those babies when they were born, I watched them take their first steps and I kissed away fears and "saved" them from being stuck in the evil hole of the donut shaped pillow I bought them. Like I'm not playing fuckin games, ok.

  11. That is so messed up! It makes me so mad that some fucken people treat this animals like this, they probably dont have anything inside their head but shit, because if they had a brain they wouldn't treated them like bait!

  12. There isn't a punishment harsh enough for trash that allow dog fights. I wish we'd bring back medieval punishments for people like that! It's sad we're too concerned with rights of the criminals to give them what they deserve. Sad sad world.

  13. Its a little ironic that we spend so much energy rescuing dogs but we do not do the same with people. How many pit bull groups are in Face Book that bring awareness. How many crews are out there rescuing pit bulls or any type of dog. And yes I have done it, I have helped people the streets, a lot of them. But I need to do that again, I have been too focused with my pit bull and other things…My pit lives like a king and it makes feel a little guilty because of the people starving to death/homeless.

  14. I HATE how people think that pit bulls are just “bad dogs” there is no such thing as a bad dog it’s just a bad owner! No dog deserves a life like thing I’m literally am crying bc of this! It is just outrageous!

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