Rabbit Fry By Country Boys | Country foods

Rabbit Fry  By Country Boys | Country foods
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Rabbit Roast By Country Boys | Country foods


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  1. Ee madiga lanjakoduku lu denni vadalaru rabbit fry entra pakir lanjodkallara mee ammaldenga mee. Alle luya guddalna. Madda chi mee. Bathkulna sulli

  2. Come on, let’s not be disrespectful, myself like everyone else here followed this channel because of grandma and we all would like to know where she’s at. I might be wrong, but if they don’t get likes then they don’t get any profit, so if you don’t like them don’t put a like on it, or simply don’t watch them. Stay bless!!

  3. Until we see or, actually, hear from Granny, we will not be clicking into their videos until we see one that has her on the title!!! Others should do the same!!! LET'S SEE GRANNY OR LOSE YOUR VIEWERS!!!!!

  4. onion, ginger garlic paste, spices, red chili powder + every kind of meat= every indian recipe ever. What a boring recipes, everytime same taste

  5. how to u make raabit . so much cruel u r. these are a sweet inocent animal. why u cook. i m unsbcribe ur channel just bcoz of its animal crul

  6. Before people say something bad about Country Boys cooking rabbit it's in the tittle of the video so do be shocked you knew what you was about to watch.

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