Women Driving Fail 2016 (Woman Car Crashes Compilation) #2 (with English subtitles)

Women Driving Fail 2016 (Woman Car Crashes Compilation) #2  (with English subtitles)
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Women Driving Fail 2016 (Woman Car Crashes Compilation)
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Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2016



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  1. Here, 2:20, I don't know, she had the Blinker on from the start, and she moved to the left relatively slowly, however, why did she stop?!!, because the light was Yellow, so she could have passed the stoplight without any law breaking. Also, Her intention is very important here, was she going to the farthest left,? in that case, she's wrong, and if she's gonna be in that line, she is, unfortunately wrong too, because she moved to the left, ( Yes, she had her blinker on, but that' doesn't mean she can move whenever she wants to), recklessly, and stopped even though the cars in that line are moving to pass the stoplight, ( she should had been well aware of the whole situation back then).

    It is a vague case at first, but when you think about it, in general, she was Wrong, no doubt about that, because she stopped for No reason, ( she'd done absolutely perfect actions till she had stopped).

    I've learnt that when you see the stoplight Yellow, and you want other cars in the back to stop, then you have to slowly stop, not immediately, because NOT all people stop/slowdown as soon as they see the Yellow light, and you have to keep your eyes on those people, because they're gonna crash into you if you don't do it correctly, And IF…, If you notice, ( this is on you to think fast), that the car/s in the back are speeding up or not gonna stop, ( from what you believe to be the case), then you have to pass the stoplight with them, ( when it is still Yellow, of course. The Yellow light is, usually, the problem, but as soon as the red comes, everyone knows that they should stop).

    The meaning of the Yellow light is different in each place, but have the same purpose/Goal :
    1- Stop, if safe to do so, and
    2- Proceed with caution, and
    3- prepare to stop, ….etc.

    All of them tell you to be careful while moving, while keeping in mind that you have to stop very soon. That's why it is dangerous, (people do not wanna stop till it is RED, and that's bad…, some of them consider Yellow light as a green light!!!!!), so when someone is moving slowly while it is Yellow, don't blame them, that's what you should do too.

  2. These women are really suck in driving, but nobody can say that every woman is this stupid.
    My mother drive for 40 years, i drive almost 20 and we never had accident.
    If you don't have discipline, tolerance, patience and intelligence, then don't drive.

  3. This is why I have a dashcam. An idiot cunt will hit you then start with the water works and claim it was your fault and you will get the ticket. 1 million miles almost all city no tickets or accidents…

  4. There was a Woman driver that reversed into my stationary car a few weeks ago. Reversed back quicker than she should have, scuffed the right rear side of my car and just drove off like it was nothing. I never saw it, but my Mum and Dad did, but they couldn't see the licence plate.

  5. Don't you just hate those sexist barricades that jump out in front of women drivers. A sexist bridge and a barricade jumped out in front of my mom one time. Not to mention many, many, vehicles like ones waiting at a red light. I have avoided all obstacles, even vehicles that actually did jump out into my lane for real. Not a single traffic ticket ever either, unlike those sexist cops that keep appearing every time my mom goes 50 in a 25 or decides to swerve all over the road. Lol.

  6. "Find yourself on youtube"—he yells—-The funny thing is—-that people watching this video are laughing at how dumb YOU are—–LOL

  7. Каждый день вижу:( этих тупорылых дур с купленными правами! Которые о себе думают, что они звёзды!:(((

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