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  1. 14k people liked this video but didn’t think about WHY he needed saving from the dairy industry…

  2. Such a lovely tender being… I wish his mother could be saved too ?? poor sweetie I hope she isn't suffering anymore… things like this make me glad I decided to go vegan.

  3. almonds milk is no good I know because my sister in law buy that .I I'd rather drink water but that's me I don't like milk but I have it in my coffee

  4. I love cattle. I just want to pet and cuddle a cow, let her kiss my face and thank her for the milk, cheese, and other dairy products she produces. I don't eat meat by the way. Save the cows!!

  5. We can love animals and not use and abuse them. I believe humans were always meant to love and cherish animals but greed got in the way and now it's so out of control that we don't even know how to turn back. It's frustrating that we have the capacity to be so compassionate but sleep walk through life looking for convenience at any cost. A vegan lifestyle is easier than ever now in 2019. Hoping for more change

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