Funny Chinchilla ?Funny and Cute Chinchilla (Full) [Funny Pets]

Funny Chinchilla ?Funny and Cute Chinchilla (Full) [Funny Pets]
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Cute chinchillas will make your day ?
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Having a bad day and looking for a good laugh? Check this out! We have compiled several cute chinchillas caught on cam that was outrageously funny. This will surely make you laugh out loud and turns your day bright. What are you waiting for? Click the play button now and enjoy!

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Funny Chinchillas:

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  1. Maby it's just me, but i have no fun watching this video, instad its triggering me as i see those tiny cages for hamsters, those chinchillas fighting with cats, those people making chinchillas uncomfortable only for a chance to record some noises they make. And food… this leaf?! those crackers?! realy?!

  2. Wow, the cat fights, the poor chins barking in distress, and water is NOT GOOD FOR CHINCHILLAS! there is a reason they get dust baths. Water will soak into the fur and make it matted, plus it's thick so it won't dry for a long time. Along with that, it's dangerous to get them even a tiny bit wet and they could get infections.

  3. 3:56 the tiny scratches sound very cute but I will say the container is to small for him/her to roll around you need to get a bigger bowl. one big enough for them to roll around.

  4. This video is horrible…. Yes there are several cute and funny moments.

    However allowing a cat and a chinchilla to fight is very wrong.
    So is sticking it in a sink, or anything for that matter, where it can't be comfy and is trying to escape from. It looks so scared. Shame on that pet owner.

    There was one where the camera was super close and the chinchilla was crouched down trying to back away and had nowhere to go so it was growling or whatever you wanna call it. That chinchilla was not a happy camper.

  5. Mine died when my little brother fed him a peice of metal and my dad didn’t believe me and my brothers when we told him he had killed him R.I.P Jobro 2011-2014

  6. Our cat killed our chinchilla years ago. Like he was instantly killed on sight, you shouldn't let them be together. If a cat knows how to kill a chinchilla doesn't stand a chance

  7. It's actually quite sad to see how many people can't correctly take care of their pets, in the case of this video chinchillas. A lot of these clips should be considered abuse, even though they may appear as cute to some people. I can't stress enough how important it is to do extensive reseach before you get a pet, especially research the boring things because they often happen to be the most important.

  8. 5:12 That was the worst cat video in this video! Did you hear the Chinchilla squeak?! That is terrible, most of this video is Chinchilla abuse, I'm reporting this.

  9. I hope all the people laughing thinking it’s funny when their cat and chinchilla is fighting, just wait because one day you could come home to no chinchilla (or no cat). Wouldn’t that be funny to film! ?

  10. 1 Do not let small animals mix with bigger ones like this. The cats though they looked ok enough in these vids, encouraging interactions like that is only asking for trouble. The one with the dog was really bad. The dogs body language was a strong signal it was thinking about going for the chin and not to give it a kiss. That was serious. It only takes a second. There are lots of horror stories where it did not go well even when it was fine for a long time.
    2 Though the chins did not look like they got too wet, chins can not be bathed in water. That dust you see them flip in? Thats there bath. There coat is very specialized and is not meant to be exposed to much water. They are naturally very clean unless the environment is filthy.

    3 Thoes were alarm barks. Not funny. The animals were stressed and scared in thoes situations. They will bark from time to time normally, but the situations depicted, they were all scared.

    Poor choices for a funny compilation.
    Chinnies are amazing and wonderful little guys but very delicate. If anyone is serious about having them, do your research.
    Chinny love forever <3

  11. On the eighth "funny" one, the chinchilla was wet and they are not allowed to get wet or they die!!!! If you have a chinchilla they should know about their pet and what not to do.

  12. I’m a cartoonist, and I’m currently working on a comic series about 3 siblings, I decided that the comic series needed some type of animal to be the pet of one of the characters, ladies and gentlemen, I made my decision

  13. REPORT THIS VIDEO. Many of the scenes captured here show what would be considered animal abuse or endangerment in some jurisdictions. Chinchilla ownership is difficult. Chinchillas need larger cages than many of the ones depicted here. They need plenty of time in Chinchilla proofed environments outside of the cage. They need plenty interaction with other Chinchillas and should not be subjected to unecessary stressors brought on by being near predatory pets such as dogs or cats. I'm thankful that most of the comments here are calling this video out… so, Report it!

  14. Some of these videos are very unkind and show very poor chinchilla care. Chins are extremely sensitive to stress of all kinds, including loud music, cats and trapping one in a sink. If you're not prepared to care for it well, don't get one.

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