Epic Zebra Fight For Mate | Africa | BBC Earth

Epic Zebra Fight For Mate | Africa | BBC Earth
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A lone Grevy’s Zebra can go for three days without drinking in this dry land and he’s been waiting months for female visitors to his territory…Subscribe: http://bit.ly/BBCEarthSub

Taken from Africa.

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  1. I didn’t watch the mating part lol cuz I’m only 9 and I like to watch animal stuff but not mating and besides I’m not aloud to watch that stuff ew.

  2. well well. the boys will play with girls and stick it in the girls and run off.for greener pastures why ??who is better we humans or the animals ???? good show thank you..

  3. Zebra are grouped into harems where there is one dominant male with as many as 6 females and their foals in the group. All younger males with no harem would form bachelor herds and wait until they are big enough to start their own harem. Zebra stallions will fight with each other for females and will even go as far as stealing females from one another. If the female which is stolen is pregnant, the new male will rape her until such time as she has aborted the pregnancy. Abortion would be done by releasing hormones that would cause her body to reabsorb the fetus or miscarry or if she gave birth to a live foal it would be kicked to death by the male. This seems extreme but it ensures that the strongest genetics survive and the killing of another males young is not uncommon practice in the animal kingdom and is called infanticide.

  4. ليش على قناة أجنبية التصوير HDتمام وعلى قنوات عرب تصوير زبالة
    حتى الوان جحاشكم تختلف عالقناة في ضلم ?

  5. Life is meaningless. Breed to do the same things leading to breed. For what? What does it matter if your genes are continued. Only to do the same before as the same was done for you. What a meaningless existence for all of us.

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