Cute puppies life stages video. Bulldog puppies ultrasound new born to 8 weeks old

Cute puppies life stages video. Bulldog puppies ultrasound new born to 8 weeks old
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CUTE puppies / dog LIFE STAGES VIDEO WITH OUR BABY GIRL by Shrinkabulls This video shows puppies from the first ultrasound to the cesarean section birth and puppy development on from birth to 8 weeks of age after weaning.
This life stages puppy / dog video is of English bulldog puppies which are always born cesarean section. The mother dog’s ultra sound is done at 38 days gestation & the mother bulldog’s c-section is done 62 days after ovulation. New born puppy dogs require special care. English bulldog puppies can not be left alone with their canine mothers. These puppies must be hand feed up to the mother dog every two hrs after birth. Please see more at

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  1. Bulldogs are so complicated & expensive! From the time of conception upto the moment they live.. conceiving by IVF, then caesarian birth, then their way of living. You need to clean them often especially the wrinkles to avoid mositure & skin disease. Then all the other health problems asaociated with their breed. And you need to exercise them to avoid obesity. They are basically cute & adorable but useless dogs. They can’t even swim. And they’re not guard dogs. Their only purpose is to eat, poop, sleep, be cute & for people to spend their extra hard earned money. But I still love them. Anyway, what the hell is this overly-dramatic song?!?!?! Lol

  2. I was going to buy a dog but now I think I need to use all that money to purchase every CD this song is on,,so I can smash the hell out of it,

  3. Dude…I know it's life and all that stuff….but I came here to see puppies….I wasn't expecting to see the whole birth process…..god damn!!!

  4. Opening a puppy video with unexpected bloody surgery scenes and no warnings to the viewer is a godawful thing to do. My seven year old daughter is in tears. Disliked.

  5. Y’all need to stfu judging them. It’s obvious they care for the dogs and have experience. It’s not cruel, the mother had a c-section because it’s easier on the mom and safer for the babies. Just enjoy this beautiful video and stop leaving annoying hate comments

  6. I'm just seeing this video, I've been wanting a bulldog for sometime. They are so beautiful and so is your daughter!! I loved watching them grow and how she knew to be very gentle with them. Thank you you for share the stages of their life.

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