A Look Back: 100 Dogs Rescued from Freezing Blizzard by ASPCA

A Look Back: 100 Dogs Rescued from Freezing Blizzard by ASPCA
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In March nearly 100 dogs were rescued, as the ASPCA assisted in a federal dog fighting raid spanning Texas, Missouri and Kansas. Working through a deadly blizzard, we transported the dogs—many of whom had been chained outdoors—to safety and worked around the clock to provide them with critical veterinary care.

Please share this video and help us end dog fighting for good. For more information on how you can help rescue animals form abuse visit www.aspca.org.


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  1. Evidently because of a "fault-proof plan to secure Dogs" and possibly other animals too, by having vitals of Humans and animals observed by the same sabotaged systems, many sleep, body, eating, and other issues are being created and worsened. I never choose to help the ASPCA, and any other non-human groups.

  2. I agree with Sam. GOD bless the ASPCA I try to give monthly if you can possibly afford it give what you can. Thank you please. Bobby

  3. We are supporters, with our checkbooks, not just our encouraging words. And urge others everywhere, to do the same. Our downtown NY nabe boasts many wonderful rescued pitbulls. Each one as unique as a snowflake, lovely colors, beautiful spirits. Dearly loved and cared for by their humans! I call them "Velvet gladiators"..all saved from Hellish.places like these.

  4. Hey I just want to say thank you for your help today for all those dogs that did make it to the next day and I like to say sorry for those that didn’t make it

  5. Is there a way to volunteer to help the animals? Preferably on a team that gets to beat the livin shit out of people that abuse animals. I'd love to catch someone doing these horrible things.

  6. Before anyone is stupid enough to donate…realize that the ASPCA spends more money airing these annoying fucking commercials a million times a night, buying up all these minutes of air time just to annoy TV watchers than these commercials BRING IN in donation. In othner words..if you are fuckign stupid and donate because of these commercials..you are not helping the dogs AT ALL. You are PAYING FOR THESE COMMERCIALS!

    IT is UNFCUKINGBELIEVEABLE that any company still runs these overly long 3+ minute commercials on tV when all studies have shown that they are not only not cost effective…but they bring in LESS money than normal length commercials since people get pissed off when their programing is interrupted by a super long (5 minutes or more in some cares) commercial break and hey vow never to buy the product (or donate to the charity) solely BECAUSE of the commercial. So they are paying like 4 times as much money for the ad and bringing in LESS money.

  7. I was alerted to this by a victim of a pit bull who was sharing how traumatizing seeing this ad. She is demonized for speaking out, and you work to "reframe" fighting dogs as victims most traumatized by being lonesome and cold.. SERIOUSLY? Have you EVER seen how pit bulls can tear a body apart? They tear each other apart when they fight. When they break each other's legs, it's called stumping. and they continue to fight and tear each other apart. Frequently one gets a hold of the muzzle and just rips the face off the other dog. These things will keep fighting with their intestines hanging out of their body. Stop lying. These things are too dangerous to be pets. PUT THEM DOWN.

  8. But don't let this think leaving your dog out in the snow for 10 minutes is going to kill it. (Let loose obviously) I've been out working on tractors, or feeding cows and he absolutely love the snow. Just remember to bring it in every so often. We adopted a Border Collie from the Humane shelter and it scrounges badly. It will get on the counters and eat lunch meat, bread, or even grease and throw it up several hours later. Is there any way we can keep it from scrounging, cleaning up dog puke is getting tiring.

  9. Real men should fight each other instead of pitting dog against dog. I can live with that! Let them beat the shit out each other while the dogs watch!

  10. Stop breeding dogs in general. I love my "Shebah". I hold her and love her like she was my baby. Most of these dogs don't have homes. Thank you ASPCA. I don't have much, but I'm glad for all of you that do this for a living.

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