Top 10 Animal Rescues // Rewind 2019

Top 10 Animal Rescues // Rewind 2019
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The animals in this video were all in desperate need of help, they got it and then some. Their cries were heard, we count down the top 10 Animal rescues in reverse. Rewinding videos of cats, puppies, ducks and one stray baby being rescued. Try not to laugh or cry as we react to these weirdly funny clips.

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  1. I thought it was like "Top 10 animal rescues of 2019" and I thought the word "Rewind" As in like of the best rescues of 2019
    And I was like why tf are you reacting to someone throwing a dog into ice then I realized lol

  2. Very clever start to finish, original, I am an animal lover so I am going to watch this over in reverse lol. ??

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