Wingsuit Rodeo – cloud surfing! | People are Awesome

Wingsuit Rodeo - cloud surfing! | People are Awesome
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Wingsuiter: Randy Seib
Rider: Jessica Frump

Music: Nick Rice

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  1. That's epic, would love to wingsuit one day. Also the girls eyes are amazing, I'm not pretending the boobs didn't catch my attention I just thought I should point out how beautiful her eyes are.

  2. they are making love in Thé air . you can understand Thé slap which made by beautiful girl to his (wing suit Rider -at this case He Will became horse -) ass … and Thé Girl says something but Wè can not hear anything . Shè can say what He needs to hear …

  3. This is truly incredible. She got to be Hiccup for a while! x) That has to be one of the most amazing experiences…

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