Xoi Man (Sticky Rice and Toppings) in Saigon, Vietnam

Xoi Man (Sticky Rice and Toppings) in Saigon, Vietnam
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Vietnamese food guide: http://migrationology.com/2015/02/vietnamese-food-guide-saigon/

Filmed in October 2014.

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  1. After this , I really want to come back to vietnam to have some xôi mặn . There was a place half of my elementary scholl friend eat there . We have xôi mặn there for 3 years

  2. 0:35 So I rewatched this after one year. LOL and I heard you said "lớn" but you didn't pronounce it correctly so it turns into a bad word which means a woman genitalia. ?? Probably why the ladies are laughing.

  3. Love it. My mom made it the other day and it was bomb. There used to be a place near Bac si Thien (aka Dr. Thien) but they moved or stopped selling. They used to had the best xoi man. But my mom came close to it. Lol

  4. The Pate is a new addition to Xôi mặn , I never saw people put that before when I was still in VN years ago , I would skip that part if I was to buy that xôi mặn because I don't like Pate that much even on the Bagette , to me it is heavenly tasty already with other topping ,no need to add Pate !

  5. hooo my my ..that a nice one .too short but very nice , the banh my here is very popular in montreal québec ,north america ………. that s a amazing combination …..all the goodies …. even for a few second you look destabilize by the pretty tasty of the thing ……… paté with rice is a genius idea……. you look really to enjoy ……… that a gem video ……. its show something very out of the path .thanks againt mark that another very good one ……. mat from montreal !


  7. just to let you know, I love that face you make when you really enjoy what your eating! I very much want to travel and sample foods and cultures, but until I do, so glad I can vicariously do it through you! thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  8. btw that meat that Mark calls luncheon meat is actually way better than luncheon meat. When I hear luncheon I think of something low-quality, possibly from a can or a plastic packaging. But this thing is "cha lua" or "gio lua" which is pork that has been pounded into a paste and seasoned, and then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

    The "lua" in "cha lua" means silk, and from what I remember that's because it is supposed to be made of lean pork, so that the pork paste is very smooth, resulting in delicious cha lua 🙂

  9. Just read the description, for a second I thought you went to Vietnam again! 🙂 Xoi man is popular dish in Vietnam. I went back this past summer and made it myself because I don't trust street stalls.

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