Masala Lemon Soda Water ( Nimbu Pani ) @ 25 rs Per Glass | Indian street Food

Masala Lemon Soda Water ( Nimbu Pani ) @ 25 rs Per Glass | Indian street Food
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Masala Lemon Soda Water ( Nimbu Pani ) @ 25 rs Per Glass | Indian street Food.

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  1. Ffs..another one using thumb to pour the soda…yuck
    I bet the stick he used to whack the ice was picked up by roadside on the way to his workplace

  2. Really what's the purpose of these videos. They don't showcase the country, it's people, culture or cuisine in a good light, but rather expose it to criticism because of how filthy their practices are.

    And to make matters worse the indian people that comment defending the filth only solidify that the indian culture is filthy and ok with it

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