Dog Rescue: Dog Tied Up for Weeks After Owner Passes: Best Animal Videos | The Dodo Daily

Dog Rescue: Dog Tied Up for Weeks After Owner Passes: Best Animal Videos | The Dodo Daily
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Today’s Best Animal Videos include: Dog Was Tied Up For 6 Weeks After Her Owner Passed Away; Cross-Eyed Cat Finds A Home; Raccoon Rescued From Tight Spot; Bald Dog Has The Perfect Family; Displaced Prairie Dogs Find A New Home

Dog Was Tied Up For 6 Weeks After Her Owner Passed Away
For more amazing rescue stories, check out Kate’s YouTube channel:, and her website: To help with Kate’s ongoing rescue efforts, visit: 

Cross-Eyed Cat Finds A Home
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Raccoon Rescued From Tight Spot
Footage provided by ViralHog

Bald Dog Has The Perfect Family
Keep up with Fabio, the adorable bald rescue dog on Instagram:

Displaced Prairie Dogs Find A New Home
To help support more prairie dog conservation efforts like these, please visit the Prairie Dog Coalition of The Humane Society of the United States:

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  1. thank you for rescuing the dog, she was in such a hurry to leave with you and so happy you kept her! Loved what you did for the prarie dogs,and all that were rescued especially the little bald dog, <3

  2. It's soothes my heart to know that there are legion of people who go through lengths to rescue and care for this unfortunate animals to bring back safety, comfort and sanity into their lives. Bless you all. I also hope that we show the same persistence, dedication and love to rescue our young people and children who are left distressed, homeless and uncared for due to family neglect and abuse.

  3. The skinny dog makes me barley crying….? ? ? ?
    Glad to see her eating her first meal………u guys are amazing!!! The universe says THANK YOU!

  4. Grace is ADORABLE! So glad her new momma found her. Fabio is very handsome and Muni is very derpy looking in the cute way of course and the prairie dogs are fat and cute too. That raccoon was funny ?

  5. This really pisses me off. No one knew about the sweet dog left tied up with no food etc for that long??!! Heartbreaking. Huge kudos to the lady who rescues these sweet souls.

  6. This is tragic! Why neighbors didn't notice this poor creature was behind this house tied up and starving too death. BS! they just ignored her and chose to do nothing! Thank god 1 person step in and saved her.

  7. This made me cry to watch this wonderful rescuing mission saving this beautiful dog. Thank you so much for understanding this dogs condition especially the anxiety and taking her in as a family member. I can tell she's so happy. I love a dogs so much and watching a happy ending is heartwarming for me not having to worry about this wonderful dog I've never met but cared deeply for my friend. God will bless for taking care of his beautiful creatures. You have a heart of gold, I can hear it on your voice how worried you were and how much you brought the dog to good health makes you happy making you a remarkable woman.

  8. "Do you have butter that I could put on him?" "He's a little fatty" This cracked me up so much. Thank you The Dodo that was the first time in weeks I have genuinely laughed heartily.

  9. So glad Grace has a wonderful new owner.  But why didn't somebody nearby alert the authorities that the owner had died and even fed and watered the poor animal till help arrived.  Or even taken her into their house until help arrived.  How could anybody just look out and see her body disappearing like that?

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