DOCS: Abandoned | Animal Cops Houston

DOCS: Abandoned | Animal Cops Houston
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When Houston SPCA Investigator Trischa Price discovers a downed horse, abandoned on a vacant lot, it’s a race against time to get him back to the shelter for emergency treatment. While the vets work on the horse, Price heads back to find out who left him to die. Meanwhile, responding to a tip off in Waller County Investigator Liz Pavlicek discovers a commercial breeding premises where dozens of dogs are struggling with poor health and in filthy conditions. A team is scrambled to conduct an emergency rescue on a grand scale. Back in Houston, Investigator Shawna Sundberg needs to take immediate action when she finds a family of dogs left to fend for themselves after their owners upped and left.

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  1. If you have ever had an animal taken from you due to neglect, abuse or other problems, you should never be allowed to have an animal ever again. If you are a puppy mill that has ever been cited for anything, you should be forever barred from operating.

  2. Why would anyone buy from a puppy mill? It only supports the mistreatment of animals. If you want a dog there’s millions of dogs in shelters that need homes!

  3. Another danger about colic, horses can't throw up, they don't have that reflex. So if the stomach is cramping up they can't throw up like (for example) dogs can.

  4. Today, there was a time where SPCAs had to come. It was in North Vancouver, Victoria park. There were two birds. They were found very young couples. The female duck was trying to cross the road when a truck rushed and ran over her. I didn’t see it happen though. The duck seemed terribly hurt, she flew away into a corner and the other lady had to call the SPCA’s. The male one was sitting at the other side of the road didn’t know what was happening. It took about an 50mins until the SPCA’s came. When they came before that, the male had already flown away, but we heard he’d me watching from up the condo he went up to. The female duck had 2eggs which were crushed in the process. We luckily had a few really helpful and friendly people walk by. They came and watched over the ducks. We luckily saved the female duck and the duck only had a few injuries. It was very heartbreaking. The male wouldn’t go away until a while but it depends if the male duck is faithful. The female duck had been saved eventually.

  5. The dog breeders say that it got out of hand!! When did they realize that?? That is not an excuse for having 200 dogs and not taking care of the dogs—

  6. The dogs are amazing and love the hoesw–hope they all find loving forever homes—the owners should have paid a fine or some jail time–hope they lern their lesson—how would they want to be treated like they treat these animals??

  7. I love Mindy!! She has basically the same medical ailment as I do. Her hips looks like mine.
    I am conflicted about them not charging the breeder. They should of gotten something out of this because come on anyone could see these dogs were not taken care of. It's not like it happened overnight. Those dogs were put through hell for what months and the breeder doesn't even get community service or any fines for it? That's just crazy!! I understand they have to pick their battles but at same time the breeder got a slap on the hand & don't do it again? I am happy they got all the animals out of there and hopefully in loving homes! The SPCA ROCKS!! They do a phenomenal job!!

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