Animal Rescue Compilation #rescuedog #dogvideo

Animal Rescue Compilation #rescuedog   #dogvideo
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#rescuedog #funkysmile #dogvideo

Donkey with chest slashed open rescued

in this video you discover how Good People Saving Animals on the Road and dog rescue videos Emotional & Amazing!! happy endings,cat rescue video,wildlife rescue, rescue puppies ,

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1:51 people save animal videos
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  1. 7:15 HOLY SHIT BATMAN!!! When I 1st seen a human foot, I was like WTF! I couldn't even imagine how hard it was for her to get in there, especially seeing how difficult it was to get her out. I'm a MAJOR animal lover, but I'm so claustrophobic… I would literally FREAK OUT ? I wouldn't have just left them either. I would have definitely gotten someone that could get it there to save them though. Thank goodness for people like them ❤

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