World's Most Stupid Women Drivers 2017 – Funny Woman Driving Fails & Women Road Rage #11

World's Most Stupid Women Drivers 2017 - Funny Woman Driving Fails & Women Road Rage #11
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World’s Most Stupid Women Drivers 2017 – Funny Woman Driving Fails & Women Road Rage #10 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. When coming up to an intersection you should be expecting danger and get ready to slow down anyway. But you see all these fuckos flying through and you can see clearly someone's gonna cut in front but instead of slowing these guys just keep on going and wait to the last second to shout some random shit like 'WOAH WOAH YA FUCKIN' IDIOT' then honk their horn

    Like bruh I understand they cut in front and it's your right of way but you still gotta be ready to respond to danger yourself. Don't just disregard it be cause it's your right of way. Always gotta be vigilant

  2. If a group of people were attacking my niece like that in the first video, I would have been so proud of her for reversing and running them over. Unless that female driver did something to deserve her beating…

  3. White women are extremely aggressive when in control of a vehicle and their female entitlement means they will never face a Custodial sentence if they try and take your life.

  4. 3:07 i can tell this lady was a feminist. She was looking at the fire truck the whole time and just kept driving as if the firetrick had to stop for her.

  5. One thing I hate about my race of white ppl is they are so noisy, with the white dude video tapping the lady parked in the handicap spot. I understand she shouldn’t park there but for you to just tape it is just so dumb. White ppl do this shit everyday, especially against blacks when black ppl don’t mess with white ppl nor do they do anything that seems to be of any concerns but white ppl are always in their business. Smh.

  6. " omg this woman is gonna kill herself" while driving 20mph lol 6:10 Some people just lack the hand eye cordination to drive safely ans it puts alot of other people in danger. Ive seen 80 year old men driving Corvettes and end up crashing them because they cant handle the horse.

    There are some people whonturn violent when they jump to conclusions over things they do not like. They find it offends them a great deal and that their ego has been attacked so their violence escalates and they destroy things.

  7. 3:09 , i wouldn't of even tried to swerve or brake…. That retard deserved to be smoked! Sick of stupid fuckers thinking they can pull out in front of us…

  8. Yes the chicken nuggets lady was epic, just the choice of words was comical! Don't make me assume my ultimate form lollol, and then the manager's disbelief of the situation and his words, close that shit,ohwtf is this bitch on? Lol

  9. Something tells me that poor Mcd's employee lost his/her job because of that crazy bitch asshole who broke the drive-in window. She must've gone and complained on the helpline numbers about bad behaviour of the mcD's employees.

  10. I guess you have to be a idiot to be hired as a dispatcher, i swear you have to repeat the same fuckin thing over and over again cuz they can't seem to understand the first time.

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