Oliver… the dog who survived a Hanging… The Greatest Animal Rescue Of My Life!

Oliver... the dog who survived a Hanging... The Greatest Animal Rescue Of My Life!
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About the Author: John St Julien Baba Wanyama


  1. John, you have such a beautiful soul. You really love all living beings and put all of your love and energy to make them heal. God is watching over you and keep you safe. Love and light to you all ❤️

  2. A personas como ellos son a los que se deven apoyar Dios los bendiga y les prospere siempre son ángeles guerreros de Dios para salvar a los perritos si no se puede con dinero pues con un like pero no los dejemos solos por favor gracias

  3. I cried, but i can tell German docs, are one of the best you can choose. Anyways i love you and people who helps helpless animals like that dog 🙁

  4. Thank you all so much I’m sick of all the sadness on on here but I must keep watching it because I must keep seeing the good people attached to it.. Love to you all…

  5. Hi ya
    Many people will see this and help in his recovery , but you are his saviour ever one that sees this will know that saying praise to you is not enough but you should get oceans of it

  6. I love so much the activity like this and in my dream i always hope someday i was join with the animal social activity like this???????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I think he is fine with you guys. He trusts you guys. Sending him elsewhere may make him feel abandoned .where it took so long for him to trust!09p8

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