Kolkata Street Food – Street Food in India | Desi Paratha with Soyabean Curry Super Taste

Kolkata Street Food - Street Food in India | Desi Paratha with Soyabean Curry Super Taste
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Kolkata Street Food – Street Food in India | Desi Paratha with Soyabean Curry Super Taste.

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  1. Foods looked good but how they servin g looked unhygienes for example why not they wearing long sle eves,why must wearing singlet

  2. Jo log us ko ganda khai rahai hain udher a kar na Mara karain.khud pata nahi Kasa khatai hai .un ko nahi khana to mat kho dosri ko to ghun mat dailao.

  3. مقليات ثم مقليات ثم مقليات، كل شيء يُقلى عند الهود حتى الخبز عندهم مقلي، "فن" القلي الهندي هههههههههههه

  4. Talk about "Hard work"…it doesn't get harder if you try kneading the flour mix! That takes a ton of work PLUS you'll still need to cook it after all of that smashing/kneading the dough! Then the vendor will charge you $.28 cents which is hardly worth the toil suffering and effort! You gotta give these Indian workers/vendors props (Respect) for this!

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