How To Save Money to Travel the World

How To Save Money to Travel the World
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There are many ways to save money in this world, but some of the easiest things you can do are actually the most obvious and quite simple – that is if you put your mind to it, make a commitment, and strive to fulfill your goals.

After I graduated from University in the United States, I decided I wanted to leave and travel the world while seeing some amazing sites and destinations. Luckily, I had been working throughout university, paying my way as I went, and also was able to save quite a lot of money along the way. When I began traveling I didn’t have a lot of money, but I did have enough to get started. 4 years later, I’m still traveling and still able to live frugally, pursue my dreams, and save money in the process.

But how did I save money to travel the world? Well among many things, one of the things I did was to reduce my spending on the little things.

I worked for a company for years throughout university driving a truck around and collected waste and garbage from the upper class. Many guys I worked with would stop off a gas station and run into the convenience store to buy a soda, a snack, and maybe some candy to top things off. $10 later, they come out of the store, jump back in the truck. 1 hour later, that $10 would be complete consumed, with very little show (other than maybe a sore stomach) for the money. That was 1 hour of income, and added up day after day in a similar manner, that amount of small money start to really add up.

That’s when I got to thinking, one of the absolute best ways of how to save money is to knock out the unnecessary things. Simple right? Yes it sounds simple. And it really is. That is if you make the commitment and do everything you can to save money in order to travel. If you don’t make the commitment, you’ll find yourself grabbing a pack of gum, reaching for a soda, or getting an unnecessary snack or item.

Now that being said, I know we all have weaknesses and passions. My personal passion is food, I simply love to eat – but I love to eat full meals and not so much snacks. So knowing myself, I avoid most snacks (with occasional exceptions of course), and use my money for full meals, which I appreciate more.

Learn about yourself and what small things you can cut out of your life to save more money and be able to do the things you want to be doing – like traveling!

Do you have any other tips about how to save money to travel? Would love to hear from you in the comments section below. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Makes a big difference…..I waste like $8-$13(extra money for those washers/dryers that don't work) for 4 loads at my apartment complex….I think I might start doing this lol

  2. Mark before I finish this video you talk nonsense, non this is going to save you money other than this way your making your life harder, not save money. You're saying to stop doing the what it takes to live to save money come on man. It is hard to save money to travel especially for the ones that live in expensive place that everything you do is expensive so this video is nonsense.

  3. Ah?. mother dear spends $4.50 TWICE a Week on LAUNDRY at our apartments and $15 when we go to a local laundry mat! and the loads are small. she eats out 5 days a week with a big $8 baskin Robin's sunday even when we are supposed to stay home. She buys soda refills from Jack in the box 3 times a day when were out, and buys 4 refills for home, because the store doesn't carry her specific flavor. she buys a lot of junk for home, let's it expire, yesterday she spent $21 dollarz on baskin Robin's ice cream pints for home. God just 2 days ago I got paid and I'm broke !it's not even Funny Anymore ?she's Horrible. Her SSI goes Faster than the speed of sound on Bills. Sorry this turned out to be a rant, might as well finish. i finally got hired a year ago after 10 years of applying but I get paid so little I can hardly hold my head up. There is another long list of unnecessary spending , but I'll stop cuz I'm getting arangatus from this. I'd love to travel to different countries , but taking an airplane is a Big No No because……. so I'm wanting to save for a new strong vehicle to at least travel around the US to do athletic type things like figure skate at different ice rinks ,and try diving ,gymnastics, martials arts? , and of course Eating new delicious Foods??????☕??????????????. but mom's got to stop her unnecessary spending?.

  4. Hey Mark, are you getting sick?
    Let me help you… Get some 77 trace liquid minerals, a bottle of Citricidal aka original grapefruit seed extract… it must be called Citricidal or it won't work, Son Formula by Dr. Luca Moretti or a good 100% all egg protein… must be all egg, not egg whites. And a box of Parasmart… do it every 3 months since you travel a lot and eat and drink tons of foreign foods. Invest in a acupen and or a electric massager and drink 30 drops of colloidal silver daily then do the shocking… watch your health come back to the way it was. I have seen your before pics and now pics and you are going to want to get minimally what I suggested above. This is stuff we used in my unit during war times. Not everyone used it but our Commander had more experience than most during times of stress and this was the recipe. Good luck and God Send! Also youtube zombie ants and parasites and monsters inside me… take care buddy! –Rick Lee
    P.S. if you don't believe me then look here….

  5. I noticed in a recent vlog you guys now have a washing machine. 🙂 It's good to see you doing do well. You are one of the best YouTubers out there!

  6. Genius!
    I consider myself to be a pretty good saver on all resources, but you definitely got me on the spending on clothes part! I'll definitely work more on it!
    But let's be reasonable, no one's clothes should fit in a bucket unless they want to do their laundry 3 times a week in a bucket! That would also take having access to very good sun! Everybody uses at least 3 Pjs, 3 pants, 3 tshirts, 5 underwear and 5 socks per week, add to that one bed sheet and one pillow case and that is half a load. So yeah I agree that we shouldn't buy as many clothes as we continuously do, I only wear 2/3 of my closet, 1/3 in summer and fall and the other 1/3 in winter and the last 1/3 is for very special occasions or imaginary ones. SO yeah I really need to stop buying clothes! Thanks Mark great message!

  7. I wish to travel and eat like Mark someday, if not as frequently. I am building up the courage and motivation by watching his channel and reading his blogs. Such simply great and honest guy…

  8. Your very very smart. I do the same. I wash myself. I think in the hotel's they mix with other people clothes.

  9. You have inspired me ….I too wanna visit places across the globe… little savings count…but until you set a goal to do…one ends up wasting money for rubbish…thanks for a worthy reminder

  10. 1:10 Wow, I am known to live humbly. But I am also known to be lazy on chores. However, I am now inspired to wash my own clothes. Or at least some of them – maybe just 1 or 2 pieces a night. (Baby steps, LOL.)

  11. It's about how much you can save vs how much you can earn within the same time frame. Saving has a limit but earning can be unlimited. Make your time in good value is the key.

  12. wow mark you use a bag of soap powder for a year, while i use a bag of it in just a month for my own clothes . you are a real money saver.

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